Tuesday, November 30, 2010

english bowling

while i was in ut for thanksgiving, we had a family bowling session.
with a twist.
please tell me you remember this day.
me and sis still love talking with our english accents and calling each other by our english names, so we made up names for the fam...

sophie, fatha, mum, oliver, charlie, olivia

got our pizza factory fix. mmm breadtwists. mmm pesto.

did brandon's famous pink flamingo bowl, since he couldn't be there.

this is the "after you bowl, flip around and do the blue steel" pose.

we had some mad strikes going on.
ollie even got a taa-key!

mum's on a bowling league, and since i'm a fool at bowling, she always tries to teach me a thing or two. this time it worked! it's a thanksgiving miracle, i bowled a 100!

that whole saturday was spent talking with an english accent, and was absolutely fabulous.
if only you could here mum's accent...
me & liv spent the night in tears laughing so hard.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

birthday babe

happy birthday to my favorite little niece ever.
the cutest 2 year old i know!