Sunday, February 28, 2010


monday night i was over at the woodbury's watching the bachelor,
went to leave and found my drivers side window shattered!
i ran so fast back into the house, thinking that the person might have still been around.
i should have taken a picture of the glass EVERYWHERE, oh and believe me it is everywhere. in my air vents in all. don't be surprised if i one day go blind from getting glass in my eyes. i guess the good side is that they didn't steal anything. but it's like why even throw the rock then huh?

i saw this under my seat when i got home, wasn't sure if they threw a potato or a rock at my window.
it's a rock.

in the morning, i got to scope out the damage in good lighting and found that they must have had horrible aim and hit the very corner of the window, and cracked this (not sure what to call this part, the plastic in between the window and the side mirror? good enough for me)
so yes, i was mad. but thankfully i had a friend that hooked me up with getting a new window the next day, and for such a good deal! and i am grateful for all of my cute friends that were there that night, calling the cops for me, waiting in the freezing cold for them to get there, sweeping up glass... friends are the best!

i still think whoever threw that rock should get a rock, or potato, thrown at them.
the end.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

my valentines weekend

was perfect.
i have never been a valentines day or SAD (single awareness day) hater.
even though i have been single practically every valentines,
i have not once been depressed or sad.
growing up, my family made valentines day a big deal.
my mom would usually ring the doorbell and leave presents on the doorstep for us all.
(vicky mints always included)
all of my mom's siblings and their families would always make a creative valentine for each family. and when i say creative, i mean outrageously creative.
i will have to dig up some photos just so you can see for yourself.
we always had a blast trying to sneak up to each doorstep and run away without being caught, and loved finding all sorts of valentines on our own doorstep.
my dad, only having two daughters, would give me and my sis a cute flower arrangement from artichoke & co. still my favorite flower shop to this day.
so you see, valentines has always been the best holiday.
i always feel so much love from my family, who cares about getting a valentine from a guy, or having a boyfriend? haha not me, but what else is new.
so here are some photos of my fun weekend...

friday i did a love/valentines photo shoot for fun & for my mom's booth at the bridal show.

friday i helped my my out at the bridal show in provo for a few hours.
isn't she amazing. she makes life cute. that's why i love her.

took some pictures of my niece, and snuck home some of my favorite flowers EVER {peonies} from the bridal show.

made heart shaped french toast for my family sunday morning.

received some valentines from my aunts {sorry lisa, i forgot to take a picture of yours :( }

had a very yummy and very cute valentines dinner

and also decorated heart shaped cookies sunday night. oh it was lovely.
what did you do?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy heart day

do something nice for the ones you love today.
me- i made heart shaped french toast this morning for my family.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

hello february

today i love...
IMG_8044 copy
fresh flowers in the house