Friday, August 26, 2011

the deets

ok ok,
i know you are dying to hear all the details of my new love.
it's a pretty awesome story if you don't already know it.

we actually met on an iphone app called instagram.
if you don't have this app, you are crazy.
it's our favorite, obviously.
back in the middle of may i was browsing around trying to find some new friends to follow, when i came across a handsome man and just had to start following him, thinking he would immediately follow me back. when that didn't happen i had to step things up and start 'liking' his photos. once i did, i quickly was getting them in return.
oh boy was i giddy!
this went on for a week or so, and i remember towards the end of may i was hanging out with a friend and asking her how many likes it was going to take before we actually liked each other.
a few hours later i got a notification telling me jared dahl
commented on a photo of mine.
it said... "you sure are pretty, i have an insta-crush on you!"
i wish i could have captured my excitement on film. i may have jumped up and down a few times. after pacing back and forth for many minutes figuring out what to say back, i finally said...
"that makes two of us. i'm insta-blushing."
we laugh about how cheesy we were... but hey, it worked!!
before we knew it we were on our first date on june 1st.
a marvelous 2.5 months later and we are so in love.
who would have thought...
thank you kevin for making instagram. we love it.

here's a few instagram pics of us...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


happy birthday to this stud.

i love my little nephew.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

where have i been?

sorry i've been neglecting my blog lately,
but i've been off falling in love with this handsome man.
me & jare
details soon to come.