Wednesday, September 30, 2009

new hobby

lately i have been obsessed with buying crappy furniture {that has potential of being cute} or decor items and wanting to fix them up.
i'm on craigslist and ksl at least 3 times a day looking for my next victim.
i also make a weekly trip to the fabulous DI.
so far i have raked in a free and rather adorable desk, a cute bench, a chair, some picture frames, and these cute shelves. the shelves are the only thing i have fixed up because i have to wait until i move into a new place to know what color to paint them.

but i'm a nerd and forgot to take a before picture of these, so here is the after...
these were $6 each at the DI.
they started out as an ugly brown wood color so i bought some miss tinted white paint for only $3, i figured you can't ever go wrong with white for shelves.

so stay tuned for more of my new found hobby projects.
and if anyone ever has any leads on anything cute, or wants to come with me to garage sales, thrift, or consignment stores let me know!

alpine coaster fun

this is my first attempt at making a little video.
i took these photos for fun, not with the mind set of making a video out of them.
otherwise it would have turned out a lot better!
so let me know what you think

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

my life consists of editing

i just realized how many pictures i have open in my photoshop...

Picture 2

i spent an amazing weekend in california with my friend trista and her fam!
her lil sis got married, and they asked me to come shoot the reception in santa barbara.
how could i say no to that?
the weather was perfect, and i had so much fun helping with all of the wedding details.
i got so excited to see the pictures i took of the gorgeous couple so i went through and kept wanting to edit more and more.
and then the other pictures on here are from my mom and aunts fun birthday bash in park city.
we got to go down this new ride up there called the alpine coaster.
i decided to make a video, and i really love the way its turning out so far!
so hopefully i will post that soon!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

my new bike

here she is ladies and gentlemen. isn't she just the cutest?
lets just say i'm obsessed.

OH. but i need your help. she needs a name! any ideas??

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

remember this?

i posted this last year,
some of you remember it.
but today i was pondering... i decided i wanted to make a video.
my cute little neighbor makes these amazing videos and it makes
me want to join the fun! i'll have to show you hers sometime soon.
but this little french music video is my favorite.
i just need a cute boy to come join me and we can reenact this video.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

to the cutest grandparents,

happy 65th anniversary!
you two are the sweetest. i love you so much!

Friday, September 11, 2009


a finally have a new blog.
today i purchased an adorable white bike.
i know i have claimed i was going to buy a yellow bike, but there are none out there.
and when i saw this bike, i knew it was meant to be mine.
she is very old, made in the 40s or so,
and has bits of red paint poking through which i find charming.
she is perfect.
the only thing is that she needs a splash of color somewhere.
so i found thee perfect green basket, although its mighty pricey
one day it will be snuggled up on the front of my bike.
when that day will be?
i hope soon. but no one knows for sure.

i can't wait to ride her around salt lake, going to markets, or bookstores.
oh if you haven't heard already...
i'm not moving to california just yet.
sad news for me. happy news for you!
me and one of my besties are going to get our own place and
move to sugarhouse or the avenues.
can't wait!

but enjoy my new blog.
i know i sure will :)
and i will post a picture of my bike tomorrow.
we are going on a photoshoot!

in the meantime, enjoy this clip of pheobe riding her bike