Wednesday, September 30, 2009

new hobby

lately i have been obsessed with buying crappy furniture {that has potential of being cute} or decor items and wanting to fix them up.
i'm on craigslist and ksl at least 3 times a day looking for my next victim.
i also make a weekly trip to the fabulous DI.
so far i have raked in a free and rather adorable desk, a cute bench, a chair, some picture frames, and these cute shelves. the shelves are the only thing i have fixed up because i have to wait until i move into a new place to know what color to paint them.

but i'm a nerd and forgot to take a before picture of these, so here is the after...
these were $6 each at the DI.
they started out as an ugly brown wood color so i bought some miss tinted white paint for only $3, i figured you can't ever go wrong with white for shelves.

so stay tuned for more of my new found hobby projects.
and if anyone ever has any leads on anything cute, or wants to come with me to garage sales, thrift, or consignment stores let me know!


Emily Call said...

Hey Courtney, I love the shelves. They turned out great. I have a serious addiction with going to the DI and Savers on a weekly basis...oh and I am a huge garage sale nerd lately! Come with me. It'd be fun.

bethany said...

courtney!! i've been meaning to tell you how much i love your new blog!!! i so miss the ksl classifieds btw, they are my favorite.

sarah jane said...

court this is all i think about too. i need furniture! i just don't know what color to do them either! so many options. where do you buy that paint? text me. love you