Tuesday, September 29, 2009

my life consists of editing

i just realized how many pictures i have open in my photoshop...

Picture 2

i spent an amazing weekend in california with my friend trista and her fam!
her lil sis got married, and they asked me to come shoot the reception in santa barbara.
how could i say no to that?
the weather was perfect, and i had so much fun helping with all of the wedding details.
i got so excited to see the pictures i took of the gorgeous couple so i went through and kept wanting to edit more and more.
and then the other pictures on here are from my mom and aunts fun birthday bash in park city.
we got to go down this new ride up there called the alpine coaster.
i decided to make a video, and i really love the way its turning out so far!
so hopefully i will post that soon!!

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