Saturday, May 31, 2008

drumroll please.....

I am officially accepted to be an EFY counselor in.....
I almost can't believe it myself. I am so stoked though. My friend jill did it last year and so i kept bugging her saying hey if they need people this year let me know! So she did. I applied. And here i am. I have always wanted to be a counselor but in hawaiii. That is a dream come true! Well its just for one week long and its July 7th through the 11th!
I will be staying longer so i can play and explore the island a bunch mo
re! What i really want to do is convince my fam to come pick me up so i can stay extra long and so we could go to maui!!
I think i want to make it my goal to go to hawaii every summer. ha ha i just love it so much there. It is mt heaven! If you want a special hawaiian treat or some
sand, beach glass, or sea shells let me know. I'll hook ya up. OH, or a postcard. Please leave your address below. Ha.

joining me on this adventure is...

lauren sybrowsky!
kelsey jensen!yea girls! We are going to have a BLAST!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

its the tan man's birthday!

So i wanted to get this really cute picture of me and tanner of when we were young and post it on here, just so people could see how tight we were from the day i was born.
I've been asked a lot growing up,
"who is your bestest of all best friends?"
Oh and without a doubt about it i would always answer tanner! Ha we have pretty much the exact sense of humor and whats funny is we can see something and both are thinking the exact same thing and don't have to even say a word.
Wow i do not know where i would be without you tanner. You are forever and always
my bestest friend in the entire world. I hope your birthday was
the best and im glad i got to make you laugh!

23 and doesn't look a day over 16. ha ha gotta love it!
p.s sorry this is such a late blog.

we know how to have fun:

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

let the rain fall

So instead of complaining about this wet weather, i decided to live it up and take pictures in the rain. So here they are...

i drove down to brandon and robyn's to splash in some puddles with them.

This photo was specifically taken for miss ali evenson. She is in sunny GREECE right now while we are kickin it in the rain. She shares a passion of peace signs with me so i snapped my reflection in the puddle.

this weeks forecast: SUN!! thank goodness.

Friday, May 23, 2008

jake hansen = jim halpert

This is my neighbor jake. Ever since the office started we have been convinced that is what jim must have looked like when he was younger. Ha ha its so funny! We also have an angela look alike but she is married so we only see her about once a year. But its funny how much she looks like her!

...this is an old picture. I'm lucky i even had one. But jake looks even more like jim now. His hair is long just like his. weird.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

ali's rap

my friend ali wrote this rap on a comment she left on my blog. i thought it was hilarious and thought i should share it!

they call her court winnie cuz she's so silly,
she be snappin you a pic wheath' you want it o not,
she'll get a good one and one thats oh so hot.
she'll be famous one day man, she got skills with that cam.
her names court winnie dawg
so comment on her blog.

Thanks for the rap ali! Seriously i love it.
i laughed so hard when i read it, you made my day!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

sunday fun

classic brandon

austin and his fiends
nice bro!
cute robyn

roxy was being so funny. she kept posing for me so i had to take some pictures.