Monday, May 19, 2008

sunday fun

classic brandon

austin and his fiends
nice bro!
cute robyn

roxy was being so funny. she kept posing for me so i had to take some pictures.


robyn said...

The second picture of Roxy looks like she is posing for dog food! So cute!

Brandon said...

Court I was just telling Robyn how amazing you are at snapping photos. These photos are next level. Go big or go home! haha

Nicole Tillmann said...

Courtney I just wanted to say how impressed I am about your photo skillz! They really are way cool. Did you take the one on the top of your blog? That is a cool picture. Well hope all is going well with you. Let me know what you are up to.

Brian and April said...

these pictures are so awesome. You are such a great photographer!
Love April and Brian

Natalie & Logan said...

You should really find a way to put your name on all your photos so no one can use them. You are amazing!

Lisa said...

Nice Photos Courtney!! Are you going to post any from the wedding you shot on Saturday? Oh and Austin is a crack up!!!!!