Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I just have to say happy birthday to my fantabulous dad.
You are the best! Thanks for all those times when i was broken
down in my car and you dropped everything to come help me.
You are the most giving person and i look up to you lots! LOVE YOU!

Happy brithday to my dear friend Cassidy Elizabeth!
Cassidy is by far the coolest girl with red hair! ha ha.
You are such an amazing friend to me. Thanks for always being
there for me and being the sweetest girl possible! I love you lots!!!

Hope both of you had the bestest birthday ever! xoxo

Sunday, September 28, 2008


i've been tagged by cassidy elizabeth
a place i would like to visit: ITALY
my favorite place: HAWAII
past pet: TWEETIE
my age: 20
my last name: WINNIE
my bad habit: FACEBOOK
the town i was born in: SANDY
my favorite color: YELLOW
my favorite animal: AUSTIN
(hes outside all day and even smells like a dog, so that counts right?)
my favorite food: PESTO PASTA
my favorite object: MY CAMERA
my first name: COURTNEY
my past lover: NO ONE...
the town i currently reside: SANDY (still)
what i am doing now: BLOGGING, duh.
my first job: ALLSTATE
my middle name: BROOKE

i've been called

to be a...
primary teacher!
I got set a part last week to teach the CTR 8 class in primary and today was my first day teaching. I was told i had the smallest class but the hardest. So i was kind of nervous. And i've never been a primary teacher before so...
But hey it went really well! I had lots of fun!
The lesson today was on talents. I was going around the room and we were listing off the talents that everyone had. One boy says... "i know what your talent is!" I asked him what it was, and he told me that i laughed a lot, and it was a good thing. Then girl adds in, "and you smile a lot" and another adds "and your pretty". The boy corrects her and states that being pretty is not a talent, she says "well she is good at being pretty". Ha i just thought that was so cute of them! I am so excited to teach them, we will have lots of fun!!

Also i decided to take karli's advice and i left the music on my blog, but to take a listen you have you press play yourself. And remember its at the bottom of the page :)
thanks for the idea kars!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

robyns prego pictures

My sister in law Robyn entered a contest on the radio for a free baby room so we had to hurry and take some pictures! I'm so happy they turned out so dang cute! Well a lot of it is that robyn is just so beautiful it was easy to get so many good shots! We will for sure take some more before she is due! Only 5 weeks left! :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

to keep or not to keep?

I've added music to my blog now. Not quite sure if i love it or not. So you tell me! I have a poll to the right so make your vote. I know this is silly to ask but i want your opinion. Sometimes the music on blogs can be a pain but other times it makes the blog more alive and not so boring. Example i love the music on ali's blog. Some times i'll just open her blog and let the music play while i do other things on the computer. Love it al. So yes your opinion would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :)

PS VOTE FOR ROYBN! *see post below for more info*

Friday, September 19, 2008


The radio station 97.1 is having a contest. And we need your help!
The contest was if you send in a picture of your prego belly and if you get the most votes you could win a baby room from the cute store babinski's! So she needs all the votes she can get! You can only vote once per email address so be aware. Oh and make sure after you vote to check your email and confirm the vote! She is number 126. This would be so sweet if she won so tell all your friends to vote too! Click HERE to vote now! Thanks bunches! xoxo

Sunday, September 14, 2008

my new roomies!

i would like to welcome back my brother and his wife
brandon & robyn!
they moved back into our home just for a month or so until they can move into their cute little home in day break. Stoked to have you guys back! :)

oh P.S. only 48 days until robyn is due (nov. 2nd)! maybe sooner though.
YEA! can't wait to be an auntie!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the sun has set

lovely day. kind of.
i didn't feel berry good today...
and my car died twice on me.
other than that fantabulous day.
and a purdy sunset... that is all i have to say.

ok for some reason the coloring is so dull so trust me that these pictures
to do not do justice to how pretty of a night it really was!

roofin it
whoop! does anyone know what tomorrow is????
DEW TOUR! my bro brandon got a bunch of free tickets and told to bring along a date.
i had so many options...
ok so i had zero. which is why im taking my pal ali!
we will be snapping photos left and right! So so so stoked!
so yesterday went to tj maxx. oh gotta love it. found two way cute tank
tops for $2 and $3! what a deal!
saw cori hoffman at my efy friend's apartment. small world
and won a $25 gift card from natalie norton's twitter contest!
made a cute braclet today.
so far this has been a pretty good week. im not complaining.
cass dear so lovely seeing you tonight i miss you lots.
abby friend, sad lunch didn't work out please lets make it work soon!
london, court, trist! lets have a 3-way skype chat. hope those countries are treating you well! miss you gals!
bachlor/bachlorettes of utah coming soon - oh ali genuis idea. can't wait!
hello by schyler fisk is on repeat right now. take a listen
gotta wake up early to take my mom to work so i can have her car for school. hmmm i feel like we have switched positions...
gooooood night!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

loving these

These adorable notebooks are made by nantaka and can be found at anthropologie. i saw them and fell in love. They are just too cute i want them all!

Friday, September 5, 2008


I have been busy all day so i haven't had time to wish my mom and her twinner a happry birthday on my blog! So.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My grandpa took such cute pictures of my mom and lisa when they were young i had to find a couple to post on here!

always matching. still to this day...
my favorite! how cute are their coats?
i am so jealous of their long blond locks!
oh and i love that wallpaper! and that mirror! and that light!

I couldn't find my favorite old fashion photos of them but these are too cute to not share! You two are the cutest twins. My life would be so un-cute with out these two! Thanks for being the best mom ever! LOVE YOU LOTS!!! xoxo

Thursday, September 4, 2008

week of events

I have had some fun days over the past couple weeks and i want to share on some of the good times!
Monday 8/18 Jack Johnson concert. nothing shy of amazing.
Wednesday 8/20 London left for China. Not a fun day. :(
Thursday 8/21 school started. another not so fun day.
Friday 8/22 LAGOON. dads work lagoon day. got in free. it was fun.
Saturday 8/23 Ken Brockbanks 50th b-day party, justin's goodbye party, and fun times with trista and some random cones...
Sunday 8/24 dinner in the canyons with some fams from the ward.
Monday 8/25 atwood family fun party at the davies.
Thursday 8/28 took pictures of kimball and fam.
Sunday 8/31 Gavin's farewell.
Sunday 8/31 dinner at the Stevenetts! It was so delicious thanks heather. And cute house.
Monday 9/1 movie with my friend jord, jamba with john, and EFY dinner in prov.! fun fun fun.
Tuesday 9/2 Rob and Sarah's wedding.

fun-filled weekend to come...
Friday- mom and lisa's birthday. old farts. wooo party.
Saturday- lunch with the married friend abagail, austins soccer game, block party and dance party at spoon me in provo.
Sunday- im open. lets play.


So i was so stoked when i found out i only had to buy one book this semester! So happily i went to buy my art history book at the bookstore... turns out that little bugger was 112 dollars!!! ummm can you believe that? Goodness, i was upset. I mean don't they understand we are POOR starving college students. You think living at home would save me some money, but im still struggling pay check to pay check! Hey brody maybe its time for a raise ;) JK! Its going to be tough working only 2 days a week... anywho this is my life story. thanks for letting me vent. the end.