Friday, September 5, 2008


I have been busy all day so i haven't had time to wish my mom and her twinner a happry birthday on my blog! So.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My grandpa took such cute pictures of my mom and lisa when they were young i had to find a couple to post on here!

always matching. still to this day...
my favorite! how cute are their coats?
i am so jealous of their long blond locks!
oh and i love that wallpaper! and that mirror! and that light!

I couldn't find my favorite old fashion photos of them but these are too cute to not share! You two are the cutest twins. My life would be so un-cute with out these two! Thanks for being the best mom ever! LOVE YOU LOTS!!! xoxo

3 comments: said...

Courtney you are so sweet! I can remember my dad taking all those pictures! My mom made all the cute coats! Notice the big cases we were holding? those held all of our barbie stuff, which i wish i still had! I do still have some of the barbie clothes that my darling aunt Ava made though. The picture of us on the phones.... we are at "old school" disneyland. I think I was talking to Cinderella! Ha Ha Thanks for the nice trip down memory lane. Love ya, XOXO MOM :)

Brooke said...

Happy (late) birthday twin-a-roos!

Lisa said...

Thanks Courtney Cutie!
These pictures are pretty funny!
While your Mom was busy chatting with Cinderella
I was dialing Prince Charming!! :)