Sunday, April 27, 2008

no longer a teen

It is true. I hit the big 2-0. Wowie! Its so weird my teen years are over. They flew by. This birthday was such a good one though. My birthday is always so much fun because me and one of my best friends sarah share a birthday! So my friends always make it so fun for us! I love them for it!

I got kidnapped early in the morning from my friends and they took me and sarah to haggermans for breakfast. I got the yummy french toast! Sooo good! Thanks guys! Then a little later i went to the gym with my mom and austin to do a weight class. After that i went to lunch with the fam at cafe rio. Yum. And my mom took me to get a pedicure. I had a wedding dinner to go to for one of my best friends so i had to quickly get ready for that. And then i had some friends over for cake and ice cream! It was a lot of fun! I was surprised on how many showed up. ha ha. It was a busy day, but a fun one!
I did get some fun things from my friends and fam! I love them all soooo much!
here they are...
This cute necklace is from the davies family! Cute cute cute!

My momma gave me this cute blingin' ring!
I just became friends with this girl kenzie probably two days ago, and she got me this cute hat for my birthday! What a sweetie!

My dad brought home this beautiful bouquet of flowers!
I got vans!! Brandon and roybn gave me these. LOVE THEM.
My cute friend trista gave me this diamond it says: A diamond is forever, but a friend is for eternity! How cute!!!
Tanner the sweetie he is got me some cute flowers and a HOLGA camera! Im so stoked to start taking pictures with it! Hooray!!

I love all of my presents! THANKS!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I got to babysit my cousin's cute kids for a couple days this weekend. Chandler and Brody were such good little helpers. Chase was sooooo entertaining. And Hallie was just as cute as ever!
Chase came and sat by me one night put his arm around me and said "hello beautiful" then kissed my nose. It was the sweetest thing ever! We had a lot of fun and they are just too cute! Oh of course i took some pictures...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

oh no... its courtney

i was looking for a new ringtone and found this...
i was laughing hysterically. ask tanner he was there. maybe this is because its 1:20 in the morning. but still its funny right?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

my birthday wish list

My birthday is just around the corner. Just in case anyone needed an idea for me (hint hint mom) these are some random things i have been craving lately!

Anyone who knows me knows that i only wear one perfume and one perfume only. Pink sugar! It really does smell like sugar. Anywho, they have this brand of lotions and such at my work and it smells like frosting. Of course i would love that. I just think it would be fun to have frosting body wash so i can smell sugary without my perfume! :)

any of the new vans! They have such cute spring colors pale yellow, coral, turquoise... i can't remember the other one but all so cute!

this is a cute betsey johnson make-up bag from urban outfitters. Only 20 dollars!
cute rainboots! These are from target.

Jellie shoes!! I haven't worn a pair since i was probably 9! I found some at urban outfitters.
a holga camera. I've always wanted to see what kind of pictures these take. They look fun though!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Who here remembers dunk-a-roos? They were my favorite snack as a little girl. I really can picture me and karli opening up a package eating them at their kitchen table. Except we would sometimes only eat the frosting.... shhh. Ha ha but they were the best and i really wish they would bring them back. Well my old roommate brittney one day last year came home from the grocery store and told me to try this yummy treat. She bought teddy grahms and was dipping them in a tub of frosting. Oh i think my friend cassidy does this too! Its a dunk-a-roos substitute. So i think you must give it a try! Sooooo yum!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

digital imaging...

Finals are coming up in my classes. But they aren't tests... they are projects! Today we had a critique on a couple that we were supposed to be working on and so last night i hurry and came up with these. They actually turned out ok for how fast i did them, and my teacher enjoyed them.So this one i just added in the golf ball texture to the sky...And this one i added the sign from another photograph and pasted it onto the landscape. It only had one letter which was a T so i played around and decided to make it say courtney!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I needed some pictures for tomorrow for my photography class so i quickly took some of amy tonight. She was a good sport! Thanks babes! I edited them all funky so tell me what you think. :)

Monday, April 7, 2008


So my parents left yesterday for HAWAII. I am so very jealous! I want to get away from my crazy life and lay on the beach all day long. And of course they left me to babysit all week, all im saying is they better bring me back somethin reeeeal nice! anywho they are going to have a blog while they are there. Lets see if they actually use it. But here it is:

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

i got em good!

I had been thinking all day long how i could april fool my family. Well i finally came up with the story that i "backed up into a car in the parking lot of my apartment complex". So first up, dad. I called the house phone, my mom picked up. I totally choked up some fake tears and sniffles and blurted the story to her. She fell for it. So i waited for my dad to get home and called back to tell him the story. He was so concerned and kept asking if i was ok. Sucked him right in my trap. Well i blurted out april fools and amy says... Courtney you scared me!! Double bonus! My mom suggested i could probably fool tanner and brandon as well. So i did. i got them both with a story that my camera got stolen. Oh it was so great! The only one i didn't get was austin. But it would have been too easy. ha ha kiddin. I also got my roommate good with a story about this kid i dated (who got a girlfriend two days after i ended things and is going to propose this month) called me and wanted to see me again, and didn't know if he should marry this girl. Oh ps this is her boyfriends best friend so she flipped out. Ha ha but I have always wanted to pull pranks and i don't know if i ever had so today was a very accomplished april fools!