Sunday, April 27, 2008

no longer a teen

It is true. I hit the big 2-0. Wowie! Its so weird my teen years are over. They flew by. This birthday was such a good one though. My birthday is always so much fun because me and one of my best friends sarah share a birthday! So my friends always make it so fun for us! I love them for it!

I got kidnapped early in the morning from my friends and they took me and sarah to haggermans for breakfast. I got the yummy french toast! Sooo good! Thanks guys! Then a little later i went to the gym with my mom and austin to do a weight class. After that i went to lunch with the fam at cafe rio. Yum. And my mom took me to get a pedicure. I had a wedding dinner to go to for one of my best friends so i had to quickly get ready for that. And then i had some friends over for cake and ice cream! It was a lot of fun! I was surprised on how many showed up. ha ha. It was a busy day, but a fun one!
I did get some fun things from my friends and fam! I love them all soooo much!
here they are...
This cute necklace is from the davies family! Cute cute cute!

My momma gave me this cute blingin' ring!
I just became friends with this girl kenzie probably two days ago, and she got me this cute hat for my birthday! What a sweetie!

My dad brought home this beautiful bouquet of flowers!
I got vans!! Brandon and roybn gave me these. LOVE THEM.
My cute friend trista gave me this diamond it says: A diamond is forever, but a friend is for eternity! How cute!!!
Tanner the sweetie he is got me some cute flowers and a HOLGA camera! Im so stoked to start taking pictures with it! Hooray!!

I love all of my presents! THANKS!!!!


Cameron said...

i regret not coming to the party big time

Lisa said...

glad you liked the necklace!!
You need to fix my link on your blog it lisadaviesblog