Wednesday, January 27, 2010


still a few spots open for craft night tomorrow...
do come. it's going to be lovely.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

so i jinxed myself.
i was talking with my fam and made a statement that it's been years and years since i've thrown up. and then what you do know, that night i did.
t lent me her copy of this book:

Photo 59-pola01
{no make up, in my favorite hoodie ever}

and i already finished it.
of course i had to skip a few chapters, but all in all... i learned a lot.
i have always been cautious of dating.
but now i really know the signs to look for, and how i really deserve to be treated.
if you are single, read it!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

craft night

ok, so here it is finally.
we are going to make...

craft night
some lacy votive holders!

i said we were going to make a valentines day craft because i was going to do pink and red lace, but i decided to make them in cream tones so they can be used year round.
last sunday we put these in the center of the dinner table, and ate by candlelight.
we loved it.
so here is the info:

date: thursday january 28th
time: 8:00 pm
place: my lovely home
price: $10 per person

what's included: lace, votives, all other supplies to make 2-3 holders, + yummy treats!
what you need to bring: yourself + if you want to use your own lace.

i have decided to limit this craft night to 12 people
because of space and the cost of supplies.
so HURRY and send me an email or comment below with your email address to sign up.
i need everyone's email address to give you my home address
{if you don't know it already}
if you can't make it this month, still send me your email address so you can be one of the first to know the details of next month's craft night.
see you thursday!

Friday, January 15, 2010

attention all crafters

courtney's {monthly} craft night is now is session.
i had a fun wintery craft planned, but some of the things were too hard to find for it,
so i've decided to make a valentines day craft!
i have some way cute ideas, so you will not want to miss.
please email me to sign up so i can get a head count and get supplies.
in a few days i will post what we will be crafting and how much it will be for supplies
{don't worry it won't be too much}

i want to get a vote on which day we should do it, so i've made a poll off to the right.
please vote which day works best for you.

remember when i painted on a weekend night?
well this time i want more people to craft with me!
this craft night will be for anyone over the age 18.
whether you are a friend of mine, a family member, or secretly stalk my blog,
i want you to come!
it would be the perfect time to meet!
so send me an email if you are interested!

can't wait!
ps girls only. sorry boys!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

no thank you

one of my four wisdom teeth came to say hello last week.
it was not a pleasant visit, because now it won't leave.
i wanted it out. asap.

so a friend of a friend told me that they do studies and will pay you to take them out.
i called. made an appointment. went to the appointment.
spent 2 hours filling out paperwork. peed in a cup. had my blood drawn.found out i would be awake during the procedure.
found out i have to drink a cup of milk before the procedure.
walked out with my 50 bucks.
not going back.

dear wisdom tooth,
so you are here to stay for a while longer...
please don't invite you buddies to come join you.
and please stop moving my teeth.

{notice my black nails. never done that before. its a new year!}

the bachelor

ok if you don't keep up to date with the bachelor... you are missing out.
it just started on monday so go to and get caught up.
want to know why i love it so much?
because the cute natalie hill reviews each episode and makes me laugh so hard.
so take my advice.
watch the show.
then read her blog!!

i wanted kiptyn so badly to be the next bachelor, jake... not a big fan.
nat we are on the same page!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the star

let me tell you about "the star"
{if you don't already know what it is}

my neighbor, harold {the star man}, for six years now has been hiking up the mountain each night during christmas time to light up the star he built himself. i love looking up and seeing the star shining over our neighborhood each night. it is now my favorite part about the holidays.
four years ago, me and my family decided to hike up on new years eve to the star.
and we have done it ever year since then.


its a fun little hike that winds up the steep mountain and brings you to the opening of a gorgeous canyon, with a view of the whole valley.


my dad had hiked up almost every night with harold this time, and they even interviewed him about it. see that here.
well this year, i brought my new little camera to document.
but for some reason i have bad luck with this cam. it died on me halfway up the mountain. i had to savor the battery so i could get two seconds of the star on film.
but here is the winnies + davies hiking to the star in less than 40 seconds.

the star from Courtney Brooke on Vimeo.

thanks kars for taking these of my fam!


oh did i mentioned its one big slide on the way down?
so much fun.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

here's to 2009

happy new year

was an amazing year.

i started my own business
changed my hair color
made new friends
was a bridesmaid three times
went to hawaii
was an efy counselor
bought a cute bike
turned 21
almost moved to california {ha!}
but did go to california four times
bought a new car
went to the singles ward for an entire year {yikes}
cut bangs

wow. ok i thought i did a lot more than that...

alright, i'm going to do lots this year. just you wait.

so i just read over the goals i made for 2009...
hmm. i only completed a few of those. how sad.

i did not go to italy.
i did not save save save.
i did not keep my room clean.

ok so here are my goals for


be happy. every day. no matter what.
travel to new places. my first choice in the us: seattle.
go one at least one date a month.
{yes i know, i hate dating. but i want to change that. and i am even changing my mind about blind dates... weird. but if you know any cute single guys... send em my way :) }
do more charity work
start a once a month craft night. {details coming soon!}
make new friends, be a better friend, and stay in touch with old friends.
take more pictures
{no not more photo shoots. pictures of little everyday life things that make life beautiful}
get back in school! {cross your fingers i can get my student loan fast enough}
run a half marathon
oh and last but not least, be better at blogging! and commenting on others blogs.


and that is all that i can think of for now.
i love starting with a fresh new start every year,
and i really cannot wait to make this year fantabulous!