Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the star

let me tell you about "the star"
{if you don't already know what it is}

my neighbor, harold {the star man}, for six years now has been hiking up the mountain each night during christmas time to light up the star he built himself. i love looking up and seeing the star shining over our neighborhood each night. it is now my favorite part about the holidays.
four years ago, me and my family decided to hike up on new years eve to the star.
and we have done it ever year since then.


its a fun little hike that winds up the steep mountain and brings you to the opening of a gorgeous canyon, with a view of the whole valley.


my dad had hiked up almost every night with harold this time, and they even interviewed him about it. see that here.
well this year, i brought my new little camera to document.
but for some reason i have bad luck with this cam. it died on me halfway up the mountain. i had to savor the battery so i could get two seconds of the star on film.
but here is the winnies + davies hiking to the star in less than 40 seconds.

the star from Courtney Brooke on Vimeo.

thanks kars for taking these of my fam!


oh did i mentioned its one big slide on the way down?
so much fun.


The Brady Bunch said...

Your family is so cute! Can I get adopted?!?! JK

Linda :) said...

I LOVE the star! It is my favorite thing about the holidays too!