Wednesday, December 31, 2008

we hate pneumonia

My cute cousin karli has been sick for 3 weeks with pneumonia and has been in the hospital for 5 days! Everyone is going crazy without her being home because she is the life of the party! You can tell just by going to visit her at the hospital! She has handfuls of little gifts around her room, and always has friends, neighbors, or family members visiting her! She is so sweet and never complains about anything! She is so tough! 
Kars i love you so much and get better fast ok???
i thought i should share these old photos that karli found of us:

me and kars - my bestest friend growing up
she still played with me even though i wore a bunny necklace.
we took naps together even though i am a crazy sleeper
and we even locked ourselves together!
speaking of locks...
karli once "accidently" locked me out on her roof and then "couldn't" get the window 
open to let me back in.
But that's another story...
jk kars i still love you!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

reason #124 why i love christmas:
you spend all day in your christmas pajamas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

marshmallow children bundled up so tight

I woke up at 7 AM this morning, Just so you know.
Haven't done that in a long time. And now i see why.
today was lovely. Me and the fam, along with two other families, set out in the storm at 8 on the dot to McDougals' cabin just up the road from Park City.
The roads leading to the cabin don't get plowed, so we had to ride snowmobiles the rest of the way. We spent the afternoon riding snowmobiles. I was a first timer. And boy did i love it. We could not have had a more perfect setting to do this. The snow was beautiful and the trail was lined with tall thick pine trees covered in white fluffy snow. I just stopped at gazed at how beautiful this world is, and i am greatful to live in such a gorgeous atmosphere. We also played in the snow, went sledding, made snow angels, sipped some delicious hot cocoa, and watched the grinch inside the warm cabin. It snowed the entire day, and the wind sure made it fun!
It really was such a blast, a great way to spend our christmas eve eve!

i had fun building a snow angel

the best dad
cute lil sis

lil sis sipping down her third cup of hot cocoa
me and lil sis

crash and burn girl
austy bear sledding

and today was a good day.

Sophie & Olivia.
The names in which we called each other yesterday.

Me and lil sis spent our lovely morning talking with and English accent.
We carried this throughout the afternoon and to the grocery store.
we danced around together in my room
blasting music, and singing at the top of our lungs.

It's little things like this that make me forever greatful for a little sister
to be crazy, random, and make life fun with.
I would be lost without her.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


{yes i made these snowflakes out of sticks and such from my backyard}
This is my 1ooth post!
i'm so happy i entered the blogging world,
and i just want to thank everyone for all the sweet comments you always leave!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

take my heart this christmas...

... and wrap it in a ribbon and a bow.
I added a christmas playlist off to the right. I strongly suggest listening to these songs! The one reason i don't start listening to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving is because the radio tends to play the same songs over and over.
My friend Amanda did a post about this CD
{Hotel Cafe presents Wintery Songs}
and i am obsessed. They are cute, and fun versions of all your favorite wintery songs! I couldn't find all of them to add to the playlist,
but take a listen.
This one is my favorite, and it has such a cute music video!!

I am reading this book...
and loving it.
It's taking me a long time to read it because i have no time.
But it helps you remember that Christmas is about giving, and helping those who are in need. I love it, and am going to have my own Christmas jar next year!

Friday, December 12, 2008

davidson family

Portrait Party 2.0 {NOV. 1st}
I only had one session but it was a blast.
This family was so much fun to photograph.
{above: my favorite shot of the day}

what a little cutie!

Monday, December 1, 2008

turkey day

Thanksgiving was a blast year.
My cousin justin surprised us all with a visit from DC!
We had such a yummy dinner i was stuffed.
We played a couple rounds of scategories.
And played catch phrase!
I have the best cousins they are all a blast!
My dang flash was being a bummer and wouldn't cooperate so i don't have too many pictures.
Sorry folks. I did get some cute ones though :)

The cute tables
dave: the skilled turkey carver
tanner: the pro masher
cute cookies
my mom accidently burnt the rolls and then dropped them.
its ok mom we still love you!what cuties!
navi's first thanksgiving!
right after i took this picture my flash died on me. so this was all i got!

Friday, November 21, 2008


the dating game.
i hate it.


i will tell you...
keyword: GAME
It's a game and i do not like those kinds of games.
I do not play them.

here are some SHOUT OUTS
for my gals

dear friends of mine with boyfriends
(or almost boyfriends OR missionaries),
i know you are in love (or almost in love) but i miss you. so please call me, i will help with the wedding plans :)
love you all.

dear my bestest friends out of the country,
courtney: IN TAIWAN
gets home in 51 days!!!!

gets home in 27 days!!!

trista: IN RUSSIA
gets home in 29 days!!!

all of you COME HOME faster. i need you.
funny thing i came across
trista and london have the same picture. that is neat.

dear ali, - my other half -
we don't play nearly enough.

dear becca, idaho is lame, but i am so happy you are moving back oh so soon!! yes!

dear frika, i wish i had a picture of us together.
BUT this one is a beaut and you are my BFF in hawaii.
i am saving my money so i can come visit you!

proof that i do have friends. they are all just out of utah or too busy with boys.