Friday, November 21, 2008


the dating game.
i hate it.


i will tell you...
keyword: GAME
It's a game and i do not like those kinds of games.
I do not play them.

here are some SHOUT OUTS
for my gals

dear friends of mine with boyfriends
(or almost boyfriends OR missionaries),
i know you are in love (or almost in love) but i miss you. so please call me, i will help with the wedding plans :)
love you all.

dear my bestest friends out of the country,
courtney: IN TAIWAN
gets home in 51 days!!!!

gets home in 27 days!!!

trista: IN RUSSIA
gets home in 29 days!!!

all of you COME HOME faster. i need you.
funny thing i came across
trista and london have the same picture. that is neat.

dear ali, - my other half -
we don't play nearly enough.

dear becca, idaho is lame, but i am so happy you are moving back oh so soon!! yes!

dear frika, i wish i had a picture of us together.
BUT this one is a beaut and you are my BFF in hawaii.
i am saving my money so i can come visit you!

proof that i do have friends. they are all just out of utah or too busy with boys.


Cameron said...

Why does it have to be a game? I hate it as well. Its immature and downright miserable. Thanks for pointing that one out and blogging about it.. yours truely, Cameron.

Court said...

Court! Oh how i love this post, i almost had the same picture as London and Trista, My roommate had to do a role play of how to pee the the squatter it was so funny. I miss you so much! 51 days seems so long! wow!

Marcie said...

I think we should date. Something to think about. I want to know why there isn't a picture of me up there? You could put a really cute one of me sitting at my desk-that's about as exciting as it gets for me. Love you!

Trevor & Cassidy said...

I feel like a bad friend! :( I am sorry Court!! But I love you!!

Lauren Alexis said...

Can we play soon please? I know I don't make it happen enough! I miss you and love you Court!

Dennis said...

just give me one more month bay bay. I will be there soon. We'll both retire our player jerseys and move into a little cottage. GAME OVER.

little miss erika said...

hahah! i hate that game too. but no one even plays in hawaii, so no worries!! haha, oh dennis =)

yes, please come visit, oh that would be oh so very much fun!!! next semester? =) =)

Brittany said...

Courtney why dont you come to California for a weekend and hang out with me take pictures of Owen show me how to edit them and most important meet my brother so you guys can get hitched.

Adrienne said...

Why is it that we have to start this dating game with a first date? Why can't we start with the third date? I like those much better.

London said...

Aw Courty! I loved your blog! Thank you thank you for the shout outs! I need to get better at this blogging stuff! When I'm home in 21 days you can show me how!! I LOVE YOU!

Kenzi Dawn said...

Your blog is so cute. I just love it. I need friends in the state without a boyfriend too! Maybe we need to do something!

Sammie Noellie said...

courtney i second your saying. and i quote "they are all.... too busy with boys." haha who needs boyfriends when you've got people like us!! :D

Trista Courtney said...

corn dog...i love this post!! i am so glad that i can finally blogstalk you now!! woot woot!

love you girl!