Monday, November 10, 2008

Navi La'ie Winnie

My life the past four days consists of:
Holding Navi
Taking pictures of Navi
Smelling her sweet baby smell
Listening to her cute little sounds she makes
i do nothing else.

I just can't get enough of her. She just has the cutest little features. See for yourself:

Navi had her first bath at home last night. It was too cute!
she loved being wrapped up in her towel.

Navi is just so loved! Its funny to see everyone always huddled around her and always so excited to see her! She is the highlight of our lives!


Alyssa Christine Evenson aka Ali. said...

HA HA HA court i can't wait till you have a baby of your own lol, you're obsessed! and for a good reason, you're shots are incredible.

Karli said...

I can't believe I haven't seen her yet!!!!!!! These pictures are so cute!

Justin said...

Adorable pics Court! I'm usually not very good at seeing these kind of things, but she looks so much like Brandon to me in that very last picture.

Brody said...

How cute, but I thought I was the highlight of your life? :(

Er Bear said...

Wow! Look at those lips! She is beautiful! Congrats!

Lisa said...

So sweet!! I guess I need to give her a bath next time I see her so she will open her eyes for me:)

Brooke said...

She is so stickin' cute!

Jessica Kettle said...

wow, she really is such a beautiful newborn! And that is an unusual thing! LOVE the last shot.