Monday, December 28, 2009

highlights of my christmas week

wow i've really been slacking on blogging lately.
that's lame, i'm sorry.

welp i've got a lot to catch you up on...

i had five photo shoots in less than two weeks and so by the time christmas rolled around,
i needed a break from being behind the camera, and enjoy the holidays.
so you must excuse my lack of quality and lack of pictures...
(most of these are taken on my iphone or others took them)

saturday i helped my mom set up for a beautiful winter wonderland wedding
lets just say my mom is amazing at planning weddings.
(more pictures to come soon!)

monday and tuesday were spent shopping. all. day. long.
monday night i did get to go up to sundance, which by the way i'm obsessed. i had never been. its beautiful! anywho, i went sledding, in all ways shapes and forms. some included piling 6 people on an old school mattress with skies on the bottom and wiping out several times. good times.
tuesday me and my mom went to gateway and i loved this tree they had all lit up.

how fun is that?

wednesday {christmas eve eve} i wrapped presents all morning,
had a photo shoot in the afternoon,
and then went to grandma winnie's for dinner.
it's tradition.

navi had fun trying to do "summersaults"

thursday {christmas eve} was spent cleaning and getting ready for the party.
we had the davies over for dinner:
a pasta bar, with yummy home made macaroni grill bread!

and then we played games.
tanner bought our family the game LCR because we loved so much the first time he introduced it to us! amy won the first round. nate won the second. and i got second place both times. and really did win ;) jk nate! but nate was a dear and gave the money he won to me instead, so i split it with jake who got third place.
i won't try and explain the game, because i might confuse you. but its a blast, search it on google and buy one for your and your fam!

me and my favorite baby

we then watched some home movies of our families,
had a mini dance party in austin's festive room,
and sang christmas songs as we marched down the stairs.
wish you could have been there. it was a blast.

after... we opened our christmas jammies!
{my favorite part of christmas eve}
(stole this from my bro. my dad took pictures, but we all looked nasty so this will do)

then me and the twins built a fort over my bed, and we three squished in my bed. we voted austin to sleep in the middle. worst 8 hours of sleep i've ever had.

christmas was a lot of fun, my grandma came and made sour dough pancakes and bacon for us in the morning. i had fun giving presents
i got navi this book for her birthday so i got her this one for christmas




my parents gave me this:

i told them not to get me anything at all. but it will be so nice to carry around with me so i don't have to always haul around my huge & heavy camera.

saturday we went bowling. brought along my new little cam & had a heck of a time.
poor little thing came broken, so this is all i could get before she broke down on me.

we bowl from Courtney Brooke on Vimeo.

so thankful for:
a little brother who gets so excited about christmas
spending an entire day with my mom
the little snow storm we got
the bestest friends i could ever ask for
hanging out with my bro tanner, now he's headed back to kauai. boo.
spending 30+ hours straight in my pjs
the family who did the 12 days of christmas for us
my new gym membership. i can't wait to be in good shape!
my amazing job, and such cute clients
all the generous gifts that were left on our doorstep
and my fabulous parents for giving us a good christmas

what a perfect christmas it was.

Friday, December 18, 2009

blue christmas?

i'm sorry, but since when was blue nominated a christmas color?
oh dear.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

word of advice

drive up the canyon and look at how BEAUTIFUL it is!


go. now. do it. you won't regret it.
{pictures taken up little cottonwood canyon}

PS... does anyone have a cute vintage suitcase i could borrow for a photoshoot on thursday?
leave a comment if you or anyone you know has one, thanks!!
{image via google}

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

vote for me!

hey everyone, i entered a video contest and i need your help!!
i am currently in second place so i need all the votes i can get.
here is the link:

votes are counted by the number of times its been viewed and the amount of times shared on facebook or twitter! so if you have an account with either or both of those click on the links in the vote now box!
if you don't have either at least watch the video.
it would help me out lots, and it only takes 2 seconds... i would love you forever!
thanks everyone!

ps feel free to share this with friends and family
(and by feel free i mean please do it!)
(and by friends and family i mean anyone you know, or pass by in the grocery store!)

Thursday, December 3, 2009


finally, here are some pictures of my amazing thanksgiving
i was bummed because tanner wasn't coming home, and b+r+n {brandon, robyn, navi}
were going to robyn's brothers for dinner. so it was just going to be me, the parents, and the twins, but then more and more of our family joined and it turned
out to be one big party!
sorry for the picture overload!

the tables:




apparently thanksgiving is for reading...


and tickle/snowball fights

i gave my mom a little thanksgiving present.
how cute is this candle? its on sale at anthro, go get one!!

i think austin liked it even more than my mom...

me and lil sis had fun playing with cute little hallie

aw sisterly love.

we traced hallie with dominos

brooke + phil + kimball came to visit. hallie and kimball were so cute playing together!

johnny is the caving master.

my cousin heather made this cute turkey


my two favorite people

trisha-claus came to our house!

she gave navi and hallie such cute presents

trisha made these cute melting snowmen

mmm desserts

all the girl cousins

we played lots of fun games, and after all the cousins left my fam made hot cocoa, homemade popcorn and watched elf.
what a perfect thanksgiving!!