Tuesday, December 8, 2009

vote for me!

hey everyone, i entered a video contest and i need your help!!
i am currently in second place so i need all the votes i can get.
here is the link:


votes are counted by the number of times its been viewed and the amount of times shared on facebook or twitter! so if you have an account with either or both of those click on the links in the vote now box!
if you don't have either at least watch the video.
it would help me out lots, and it only takes 2 seconds... i would love you forever!
thanks everyone!

ps feel free to share this with friends and family
(and by feel free i mean please do it!)
(and by friends and family i mean anyone you know, or pass by in the grocery store!)

1 comment:

bwinn said...

you entered "a" video contest??? Where is the post about how cool Twideo Contest is, how it works, and how your amazing bro invented it? Haha.. :)