Friday, June 20, 2008

the countdown is on

Its offical. I have my plane ticket and everything!
i added a countdown timer so you can see how soon i leave! ---------->
Wow only 9 days away i cannot believe it! I've been preparing for efy, there is just so much i don't know i hope i don't make a fool of myself. Ha ha we have to learn the efy line dances before we go and so i was watching the video and following along when my dad walks by and was like... what are you doing??? Ha ha i felt like napaoleon dynamite when he watches that tape to learn dance moves. Well i leave the 30th, kels gets there the 2nd and syb gets there the 3rd. Im going to have a couple days just chillin by myself. Ha ha. Well the lady me and tanner stayed with last year Kali, she has been so nice and insists i stay with her for a couple days! So that will be so much fun! I have missed her sterl and sheldon! They are my hawaiian family.
this is where i will be - kali's house in Hau'ula

Things i am NOT excited for:
*my family is going to lake powell while i am gone :(
*missing another utah 4th of july.
*missing robyns birthday... AGAIN. sorry rob. i will bring you back something extra special!
*going without my 3 hawaii buddies: tan, kars, ash :(
Things i am SO excited for:
*VIOLET MINTS, my favorite!!! i bought a huge box of them last year,
oh how i ate every single one!
*PIPELINE BEACH! best sand, best waves, best everything.
*MATSUMOTOS best shave ice on the island.
*JUMPING OFF THE ROCK at waimea beach.
*THE SWING. there is this cute little swing just right down the beach from kali's house. Its just a fun thing to go sit at that swing at night and listen to the waves crash.
Oh with a bag of popcorn of course!*HUKI LAU CAFE. #1 french toast.
*and... taking lots of sweet pics. be prepared i will upload lots so make sure you are checking my blog daily :)
thoughts of the day:
(ali i love how you do thoughts with your posts, i am copying i hope you don't mind)
* i need to find a way to get a few extra bucks before hawaii
*j.p. comes home in 3 days!
*austin is fun to dance in the car with.
*ali i will miss you while you are at your efy type camp. you will do amazing though!
*LOVING this weather.
*thanks brody for letting me take two weeks off work! You are the best!!
*i am really excited right now!
*kars congrats on your new job! you will have so much fun working there.
*cass i am jealous of your cute new boy!
*last night was a fun night :)
*i have been horrible at leaving comments on everyones blogs, i do apologize!
*sar, ab, lou, jill, syb, katie, chels, kellie i loved seeing you all yesterday!
*i love when amy makes up car dances.
*there were no lounge chairs open at the pool today, i couldn't lay out.
*court i am coming to visit you at work... right now!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

long post

Overdue post. Sorry. You may have heard, but im going to be having a little niece! YEA! 
I'm so dang excited!
its a GIRL!

such cool plants up in the canyon

a goose

it was so nice to go down to st george for a weekend. It was in the 90s. Perfect. It was fun catching some rays for once!

reading in the pool

Friday, June 13, 2008

three times? NO WAY.

So i went to the orthodontist yesterday to get a new retainer. The guy is looking at my teeth and says you know what i could do to fix these teeth real fast? Braces! no. I've had them on twice and that is twice as many times as i wanted them on! So i told him that, and he gave in and said he would give me those clear retainers that resemble invisaline. So if you see me with shiny teeth and talking like i have a lisp, that is why. Hey its better than a mouth full of metal right???

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

pedro + zeni

FINALLY i have my pictures up from the wedding i was the second photographer for. It was a very long day but i had so much fun! It was a gorgeous wedding and zeni was such a sweetie! Enjoy :)zeni's dress
zeni and her mom
where the ceremony took place. It was actually at the park right next to my church!

her aisle was over 100 feet long!
this is stacey, the main photographer for the wedding.
zeni and her dad
they loved their drinks!
bride and groom's first dance

pedro and his mom
mother of the bride

Sunday, June 1, 2008

i've been thinking

*ali gets home in 10 days :)
*my dog roxy is funny click here to see why.
*austin wants to work at lagoon when he is 14
*its finally summer weather!
*i love going to the singles ward
*i leave for hawaii in about a month, and i still do not have a plane ticket
*i need to clean my room
*i'm sad cassidy moved back to idaho
*i miss my friends at dear lizzie
*my sister in law finds out what she is having on FRIDAY
*i need to save my money
*i miss trista and wish so badly i could visit her in santa barbara
*i love having a little sister
*my mom is so creative
*i cry WAY to hard when i laugh