Tuesday, June 10, 2008

pedro + zeni

FINALLY i have my pictures up from the wedding i was the second photographer for. It was a very long day but i had so much fun! It was a gorgeous wedding and zeni was such a sweetie! Enjoy :)zeni's dress
zeni and her mom
where the ceremony took place. It was actually at the park right next to my church!

her aisle was over 100 feet long!
this is stacey, the main photographer for the wedding.
zeni and her dad
they loved their drinks!
bride and groom's first dance

pedro and his mom
mother of the bride


Karli said...

these are really good!!

Sarah Jane said...

love these!!!!! freak you are so good at what you doooo

Emily Call said...

Very cool Courtney! I bet you had a blast.

Ty Carter said...

Nice work! I like the shot of them dancing (only the waists and down). That is fabulous! The colors are beautiful in these. What kind of camera did you use?

courtney brooke said...

thanks guys! Ty i use a canon 5D!

Nicole Tillmann said...

Courtney I am way impressed! I had no idea that you were such an awesome photographer. Dang...could you photograph at my wedding? I will give ya a good tip.

Sammie Noellie said...

i want to be you. you are my idol!
these are fabulous!!

Trista Courtney said...

court why are you so amazing? duude you inspire me!