Sunday, June 1, 2008

i've been thinking

*ali gets home in 10 days :)
*my dog roxy is funny click here to see why.
*austin wants to work at lagoon when he is 14
*its finally summer weather!
*i love going to the singles ward
*i leave for hawaii in about a month, and i still do not have a plane ticket
*i need to clean my room
*i'm sad cassidy moved back to idaho
*i miss my friends at dear lizzie
*my sister in law finds out what she is having on FRIDAY
*i need to save my money
*i miss trista and wish so badly i could visit her in santa barbara
*i love having a little sister
*my mom is so creative
*i cry WAY to hard when i laugh


Emily Call said...

Funny that Robyn finds out what she is having on Friday... my sister-in-law finds out what she is having that day too! How exciting!

Alyssa Christine Evenson aka Ali. said...

YESSSS i made courts thoughts.. i apologize for not having any life thoughts lately.
but here is one for you, when naming you're child, do not consider these names. ROSARIO, or COALFAX. Because i'm already using them . HA HA I love every thought on this list.. AND TEN DAYS!! YAY!!! bought you another adorable present today, you better be stoked.

Sarah Jane said...

but i love it when you craff

Trista Courtney said...

court...duude i just love you. thats all.

well and also...freaking just come and visit me cause guess what? i miss you too. funny how that works out eh?

Natalie & Logan said...

I was stalking your parents Maui blog, I have to ask...Where does your mom shop? She has the cutest clothes! I actually voted her the cutest dresser in the Mtn. Oaks ward!

Lyndsey Brady said...

Courtney... You do Wedding Photography?? It is beautiful! Babe, you for sure have the "eye."