Sunday, August 31, 2008

wolfgramm family

I got to take pictures for my cousin of her darling little boy kimball for his one year old photos. He just has thee cutest smile it made it so fun to photograph him! I did take a couple with his mom and dad with him. We had so much fun and a blast watching him be more entertained by dirt and weeds than three people making funny faces and noises at him! Thanks for being so helpful and it was fun seeing you guys! :)

took some of just brook and phil. what a cute couple!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


woo my photos of the fire made it on an article on ksl!
And the gallery linked on the site are my photos as well! :) fun stuff!

checkkk it out HERE

Friday, August 29, 2008

portrait party!

Come and get your family's portrait on September 20th from 1pm to 5pm. These mini sessions are only $45. This won't be your normal boring family session. We are all about capturing your family having fun. Sessions can be for any number of people, the more the merrier. Only 10 sessions are available and they will book up fast so don't delay! Call us at 801.391.8553 if you have any questions. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

what a sad day

Yesterday i got a call from my mom at like 12:30 asking me to look outside and see where all of this smoke was coming from. She was worried the middle school, where my bro and sis were, blew up or something. But it was the mountain on fire. I met Brandon and Robyn over in draper up by the new temple to watch the fire and take some pics. The wind was crazy and making the fire spread all over the mountain, and over 60 homes were evacuated. Luckily it never came down far enough to burn any homes. But it was still burning when i woke up. It was fun watching but its so sad to see a huge part of our beautiful green mountains turn black! We are lucky that it didn't get too close to our house, and hopefully they put the rest out today.
here are some pics...

view from the deck at my house

my dad takin a pic
the valley was so orange!
everyone came to walmart to watch the fire
our poor mountain :(

Monday, August 25, 2008

back to skoooool

back to school, back to school to prove to dad dat im not a fool. got my lunch packed up, my shoes tied tight, i hope i don't get in a fight. ohhhhhhhhh back to school....

yep. started school on thursday. not quite sure how i feel about going to SLCC, but we'll see. its a fresh start though. new school, new friends, living at home, it shall be a grand time! hopefully.

whats in courtneys head? well i'll tell ya...
little bro and sis started 8th grade today. craze.
mmmmm indian food. why do you always sound so good to me??
breaking dawn in need to finish you!
so excited to take pictures of kimball tomorrow :)
reeses on smores is genuis!
an episode of friends a day keeps a smile on my face
ali are you ready for our fun fall times of being anti-social together? i am!
brody happy late birthday (and happy anniversary)!!
tip: if you leave in the middle of the night do not forget your cell phone. ;)
efy friends i missssss you!
bye bye summer. you were fun but way too short. i will miss you

hi friends
michael anne. congrats on the engagement my dear. your ring is... wow!
al- stoked we had the same experience this weekend. ha oh dear.
trista> come back to utah.
london: how is china??? pleeeeeease call me!
court~ skype. i need a vid chat A-SAP!

Monday, August 18, 2008

i am...

i am courtney brooke
i am photography
i am happy
i am sugar perfume
i am going to miss trist, court, and lou this fall
i am anti-social lately
i am olympics
i am pesto
i am the besto
i am ice water
i am summer
i am music
i am a wild cat. raaaar!
i am EFY
i am dance party
i am breaking dawn
i am not ready for school
i am jack johnson concert TODAY
i am chat
i am a child of god
i am soon to be an aunt
i am car-less
i am friends quotes
i am confused
i am living with mom and dad
i am gossip girl (the tv show)
i am SLCC this semester...
i am violet mints
i am jeep
i am laughing
i am craffing
i am hating everyone getting boyfriends and getting married
i am missing someone
i am not provo
i am photoshop
i am steady and sure
i am cafe rio
i am ghetto mudflaps
i am blog
i am tivo
i am TOMS
i am family
i am red box
i am facebook
i am its a great day at dezember photography this is courtney...
i am pictures
i am dancing in the car. always
i am sneaking onto lifetimes water slides at night -fire one!
i am sunsets
i am singles ward or home ward?
i am on strike against guys
i am NCCB
i am triscuits with cheese
i am apple
i am lightroom
i am fate
i am lovable. right?
i am me.

You guys remember those self esteem "I AM" poems that we used to have to do in middle school where you said "I am..(something you like)" well. Do one! I tag TANNER, KARLI, B & R, FRIKA, COURTNEY O., TRISTA, LISA, MARCIE

Sunday, August 17, 2008

washington county fair

While in St. George, with the fam, we passed by a fair and i just had to go. I have never really been to a real fair and i really wanted to take pictures. No one wanted to tag along so i just went and had a blast taking pictures and people watching.... ha ha.

7 people. one dog. one car.

Me and my fam, minus tanner :(, had a fun trip planned to the glorious lake powell but at the last moment decided to go to st george instead because of weather issues. We did take the boat so we could still get some boating in and then hit up powell for a day! Powell was amazing. I just love it there. almost scared us away but we took our chances and said rain won't ruin our parade! And it did not! We ended a perfect day boating by eating dinner at Bene Pizzeria. Yum-0. All was well until my dads truck started smoking. Anyone who has been to powell with us within the last what 5 or 6 years, knows that this happens everytime. Without a doubt my dad's truck breaks down every single time. Why don't you like my dads truck lake powell??? He thought maybe that the gas stations diesel was normal gas so tried to run it out and put new gas in. It worked. For a good 30 or 40 miles and completely shut down and wouldn't start. It was now 11 o clock by this time. We patiently waited for a tow truck to come while watching the office in my moms car. As my title states 7 people and a dog in one car at midnight. You do the math. It was a very long drive back to st george but we are just glad we made it safely! Well they had to tow the truck and boat to st george and they still can't find out whats wrong with it! Crazy! But needless to say it was a great trip. We all had so much fun family bonding and chillin in the sun! Thanks for a sunny weekend weather!
Here's some pics from the trip!

Martha Washington!
Austy drivin the boat!
bran surfin the wake
so cute

im a sucker for sunsets!
2nd one in lake powell!!

this dog just chillin on top of the car in kanab

roxy biffed it down the sand hill!