Sunday, August 17, 2008

7 people. one dog. one car.

Me and my fam, minus tanner :(, had a fun trip planned to the glorious lake powell but at the last moment decided to go to st george instead because of weather issues. We did take the boat so we could still get some boating in and then hit up powell for a day! Powell was amazing. I just love it there. almost scared us away but we took our chances and said rain won't ruin our parade! And it did not! We ended a perfect day boating by eating dinner at Bene Pizzeria. Yum-0. All was well until my dads truck started smoking. Anyone who has been to powell with us within the last what 5 or 6 years, knows that this happens everytime. Without a doubt my dad's truck breaks down every single time. Why don't you like my dads truck lake powell??? He thought maybe that the gas stations diesel was normal gas so tried to run it out and put new gas in. It worked. For a good 30 or 40 miles and completely shut down and wouldn't start. It was now 11 o clock by this time. We patiently waited for a tow truck to come while watching the office in my moms car. As my title states 7 people and a dog in one car at midnight. You do the math. It was a very long drive back to st george but we are just glad we made it safely! Well they had to tow the truck and boat to st george and they still can't find out whats wrong with it! Crazy! But needless to say it was a great trip. We all had so much fun family bonding and chillin in the sun! Thanks for a sunny weekend weather!
Here's some pics from the trip!

Martha Washington!
Austy drivin the boat!
bran surfin the wake
so cute

im a sucker for sunsets!
2nd one in lake powell!!

this dog just chillin on top of the car in kanab

roxy biffed it down the sand hill!


Sarah Jane said...


Court said...

Court you are an amazing photographer! I love your work and i love you! I can't wait to see you in January! Please don't get married while I am gone just like everyone else. I will be coming home to no boys and no girlfriends if you get married! I miss you and I will be calling you soon! xoxo Lets go to st george when i get back. Kapish? I have to go down anyways cause Destiny moved down there so plan on coming with me if you would like! We can party like old times! Miss you once and for all!

Emily Call said...

Wow, it looks like you guys had a blast even with the car trouble. Love all your photos. You are amazing!

Karli said...

I love these pictures! I'm way jealous that you guys went to Lake Powell! It looks like it was way fun! Yeah.. what is it with that truck!?

Amber Duron said...

Wow! These are amazing! May I ask you what mode you shoot in most often?
Thank you!

Lisa said...

Fun Fun Fun in the Sun Sun Sun!
1 day in Lake Powell is better than none!!!
The truck.....pure craziness:0