Monday, August 18, 2008

i am...

i am courtney brooke
i am photography
i am happy
i am sugar perfume
i am going to miss trist, court, and lou this fall
i am anti-social lately
i am olympics
i am pesto
i am the besto
i am ice water
i am summer
i am music
i am a wild cat. raaaar!
i am EFY
i am dance party
i am breaking dawn
i am not ready for school
i am jack johnson concert TODAY
i am chat
i am a child of god
i am soon to be an aunt
i am car-less
i am friends quotes
i am confused
i am living with mom and dad
i am gossip girl (the tv show)
i am SLCC this semester...
i am violet mints
i am jeep
i am laughing
i am craffing
i am hating everyone getting boyfriends and getting married
i am missing someone
i am not provo
i am photoshop
i am steady and sure
i am cafe rio
i am ghetto mudflaps
i am blog
i am tivo
i am TOMS
i am family
i am red box
i am facebook
i am its a great day at dezember photography this is courtney...
i am pictures
i am dancing in the car. always
i am sneaking onto lifetimes water slides at night -fire one!
i am sunsets
i am singles ward or home ward?
i am on strike against guys
i am NCCB
i am triscuits with cheese
i am apple
i am lightroom
i am fate
i am lovable. right?
i am me.

You guys remember those self esteem "I AM" poems that we used to have to do in middle school where you said "I am..(something you like)" well. Do one! I tag TANNER, KARLI, B & R, FRIKA, COURTNEY O., TRISTA, LISA, MARCIE


Sarah Jane said...

yes the besto!

Trevor & Cassidy said...

I am fami, i feel like a fork!


Brandon Winnie said...

You are gossip girl? Is gossip bad? You are bad girl -- I don't see that one on there.

Brody said...

"i am its a great day at dezember photography this is courtney..."

Totally!!! I laughed so hard when I read that. LOL

Lauren Alexis said...

Wait you're going to slcc?? Since when....I miss you! Steady and Sure concert??

Lauren Alexis said...

Oh and smell like...sugar!!!!

Amber Duron said...

Hey Courtney,
Congrats. That is a great picture you took of that girl in the water.

If you havent seen it, go check it out, It's on Natalie Norton's blog!


Stacey said...

it IS a great day at dezember photography!

Alyssa Christine Evenson aka Ali. said...

nccb. yes.
neither ward.. ali's ward or bust.

abby and gregor said...

Corn! Your photography is unbelievable! Girl will you take pictures of my future babies? I love you! I have missed making shams. Perhaps soon!

abby and gregor said...

oh ya i ran into your mom at the mall and she said you are moving home and going to slcc! I think that is fabulous and we will go to lunch and discuss it further. Please comply with my request

Trista Courtney said...


i am happy court tagged me.
i am going to do an 'i am' poem asap.