Tuesday, August 26, 2008

what a sad day

Yesterday i got a call from my mom at like 12:30 asking me to look outside and see where all of this smoke was coming from. She was worried the middle school, where my bro and sis were, blew up or something. But it was the mountain on fire. I met Brandon and Robyn over in draper up by the new temple to watch the fire and take some pics. The wind was crazy and making the fire spread all over the mountain, and over 60 homes were evacuated. Luckily it never came down far enough to burn any homes. But it was still burning when i woke up. It was fun watching but its so sad to see a huge part of our beautiful green mountains turn black! We are lucky that it didn't get too close to our house, and hopefully they put the rest out today.
here are some pics...

view from the deck at my house

my dad takin a pic
the valley was so orange!
everyone came to walmart to watch the fire
our poor mountain :(


Tanner Winnie said...

This has made me sick. :(

Lohren said...

Hey Court! This is Lohren! I got a blog and I love looking at yours! I am in love with all your pictures. I honestly tell everyone about them! Ha When I get married in like a million years I want you to do mine!! You are so cute and we need to see each other soon!

Trista Courtney said...

fires are crazy!!