Monday, August 25, 2008

back to skoooool

back to school, back to school to prove to dad dat im not a fool. got my lunch packed up, my shoes tied tight, i hope i don't get in a fight. ohhhhhhhhh back to school....

yep. started school on thursday. not quite sure how i feel about going to SLCC, but we'll see. its a fresh start though. new school, new friends, living at home, it shall be a grand time! hopefully.

whats in courtneys head? well i'll tell ya...
little bro and sis started 8th grade today. craze.
mmmmm indian food. why do you always sound so good to me??
breaking dawn in need to finish you!
so excited to take pictures of kimball tomorrow :)
reeses on smores is genuis!
an episode of friends a day keeps a smile on my face
ali are you ready for our fun fall times of being anti-social together? i am!
brody happy late birthday (and happy anniversary)!!
tip: if you leave in the middle of the night do not forget your cell phone. ;)
efy friends i missssss you!
bye bye summer. you were fun but way too short. i will miss you

hi friends
michael anne. congrats on the engagement my dear. your ring is... wow!
al- stoked we had the same experience this weekend. ha oh dear.
trista> come back to utah.
london: how is china??? pleeeeeease call me!
court~ skype. i need a vid chat A-SAP!


Brooke said...

Mmmmm reeses on smores? Sounds divine!! We are excited for you to take pictures of Kimball tomorrow too!!

Court said...

Lets plan on vid-chatting asap! I completely concur! love love love you!

Court said...

OH and i heard about the fire, crazyness, sweet pics though!