Wednesday, August 13, 2008

tom's shoes are hott!

i took some pictures for my bro for his website. Toms sent brandon a bunch of pairs for free so he gave me a pair! I seriously love these shoes. My new favorite! The sweet thing about toms is that for every pair of toms bought they match that by sending a pair to kids that are in need of shoes! check out my pics HERE! or to visit their website to see all of their cute designs click HERE :)


Karli said...

ooo I like these shoes. I want some! I don't know which ones I like best.. the white ones with the writing would come in handy for when I get bored in class... I can read my feet. but all are cute

Trevor & Cassidy said...

Ahh I saw this on Oprah and I have always wanted a pair!! I am getting some!! Wahoo I love Corn Baby!