Saturday, June 14, 2008

long post

Overdue post. Sorry. You may have heard, but im going to be having a little niece! YEA! 
I'm so dang excited!
its a GIRL!

such cool plants up in the canyon

a goose

it was so nice to go down to st george for a weekend. It was in the 90s. Perfect. It was fun catching some rays for once!

reading in the pool


Alyssa Christine Evenson aka Ali. said...

Court you're truly amazing. I love you're photography. Lets go shoot and play.

Trevor & Cassidy said...

YAY!! For baby winnie i cant wait to meet her!! I love you

Sarah Jane said...

i'm obsessed with those pictures of brandon and robyn and their fetus. ooohhh my gosh.

Er Bear said...

Love the blog! and your pics are amazing! You have gotta do something with all that talent sista:) Im sad that im just going to miss you in hawaii... we dont get there until August 20th!

Ty Carter said...

Nice work! Thats a sweet shot of the young man on the tube (slightly monochromatic). What process do you use for your photos?