Friday, June 20, 2008

the countdown is on

Its offical. I have my plane ticket and everything!
i added a countdown timer so you can see how soon i leave! ---------->
Wow only 9 days away i cannot believe it! I've been preparing for efy, there is just so much i don't know i hope i don't make a fool of myself. Ha ha we have to learn the efy line dances before we go and so i was watching the video and following along when my dad walks by and was like... what are you doing??? Ha ha i felt like napaoleon dynamite when he watches that tape to learn dance moves. Well i leave the 30th, kels gets there the 2nd and syb gets there the 3rd. Im going to have a couple days just chillin by myself. Ha ha. Well the lady me and tanner stayed with last year Kali, she has been so nice and insists i stay with her for a couple days! So that will be so much fun! I have missed her sterl and sheldon! They are my hawaiian family.
this is where i will be - kali's house in Hau'ula

Things i am NOT excited for:
*my family is going to lake powell while i am gone :(
*missing another utah 4th of july.
*missing robyns birthday... AGAIN. sorry rob. i will bring you back something extra special!
*going without my 3 hawaii buddies: tan, kars, ash :(
Things i am SO excited for:
*VIOLET MINTS, my favorite!!! i bought a huge box of them last year,
oh how i ate every single one!
*PIPELINE BEACH! best sand, best waves, best everything.
*MATSUMOTOS best shave ice on the island.
*JUMPING OFF THE ROCK at waimea beach.
*THE SWING. there is this cute little swing just right down the beach from kali's house. Its just a fun thing to go sit at that swing at night and listen to the waves crash.
Oh with a bag of popcorn of course!*HUKI LAU CAFE. #1 french toast.
*and... taking lots of sweet pics. be prepared i will upload lots so make sure you are checking my blog daily :)
thoughts of the day:
(ali i love how you do thoughts with your posts, i am copying i hope you don't mind)
* i need to find a way to get a few extra bucks before hawaii
*j.p. comes home in 3 days!
*austin is fun to dance in the car with.
*ali i will miss you while you are at your efy type camp. you will do amazing though!
*LOVING this weather.
*thanks brody for letting me take two weeks off work! You are the best!!
*i am really excited right now!
*kars congrats on your new job! you will have so much fun working there.
*cass i am jealous of your cute new boy!
*last night was a fun night :)
*i have been horrible at leaving comments on everyones blogs, i do apologize!
*sar, ab, lou, jill, syb, katie, chels, kellie i loved seeing you all yesterday!
*i love when amy makes up car dances.
*there were no lounge chairs open at the pool today, i couldn't lay out.
*court i am coming to visit you at work... right now!


Karli said...

AHH I can't believe it!! You can't go without us! Please say hi to Kali, Sterling and Sheldon for me! I miss them so much! Make them get a blog!! You will have so much fun! You'll be the best EFY couselor ever. I miss Hawaii.. Big time!

Brooke said...

So very cool Courtney!! I can't wait to hear about it!

Karli said...

p.s. thanks for the shout out! come visit me agian.. i work monday night! the davinnies need to go to life time!! no lounge chairs?? lame.

jessandbryce said...

Court!!! I was an EFY counsilor last year and it was such an amazing experience!!!!!!!! You will be sooo great! I am so excited for you!

Trista Courtney said...

i miss being in your thoughts...

robyn said...

I still think that we should come over there when you are done! And what? We are going to Lake Powell? This is the first I have heard of that! Oh and for my Birthday you can bring me back some Violets! YUMMY!!! I am so stoked for you! You are going to have so much fun. Maybe you will meet a cute Hawaii boy!! :)

Lisa said...

I miss this trip and I didn't even go!!! :)

bethany.j said...

hi again courtney! ohmygosh, i had to comment bc my husband and i are going to oahu in august!! i'm so glad you wrote of a few places that you love because we have never been there. anywhere else we should know about?? :) and are you really doing the efy thing out there? that is so incredible, efy is the best ever! i have another blog too where i'll post our hawaii adventures :)- write me if you know of any other hot spots! :) have fun!