Tuesday, July 1, 2008

i made it!!!

i am back to this paradise at last! Hooray!
So this morning when i got on the plane i found my seat and sat down. This lady and her 3 year old son got split up , one was supposed to sit next to me and the other one was the row in front of that seat. She looked so frustrated that their seats weren't next to eachother so i say... hey do you want me to sit up there so you can sit with your son? She said oh if you don't mind... so i moved. I got no thank you. Kinda weird. But little did i know i would be stuck in the middle of two men , one smelled like smoke. Anyone who knows me knows i cannot stand the smell of smoke and hold my breath everytime i pass someone smoking. I was about to pass out. But then he turned on the air and i guess that circulated the stench or something because i didn't smell it the rest of the flight. He was funny though, he rambled on about how he has partied with jack johnson a few times. Says he is a way chill guy. I slept most of the plane ride which was good, it was just so boring to be awake with no one there i knew. We landed on time and the shuttle showed up not long after i got outside. Its crazy how fast the humidity hits you. Its like as soon as i stepped out the door my hair went all frizzy. But gotta love it.
The shuttle driver was freakin awesome! Ha ha he was this big poly and just so sweet! We had to pick up his wife and make a pit stop at the UPS store so it took awhile to get over to Hau'ula. Its the prettiest drive over to the north shore. You are just surrounded by huge green mountains and huge green trees! Its green everywhere i love it! They were so sweet to drop me off at kali's home. (they were supposed to take me to byu and kali was going to pick me up from there) I made it to kali's, its so fun to see her again! She has added so many new perks to her house! She added a separate entrance for the boys that live upstairs, she added an island with a stove and oven, a new guest bedroom, and some rooms down by her garage for storage and a future work out room! But after i got settled in, i ran with kali to pick up a girl in her ward that she had to take to her ward camp. She had to check on one of her cute little foster girls and then we grabbed a couple things at the grocery store. I started working on making name tags for efy and realized it was sunset! I hurry and grabbed my camera and ran down the road a little to take some pictures, i kinda missed the sunset though. I sat down there for awhile and now here i am... its been a long day and im exhausted. I'll probably go to bed very early (for hawaii time)
Oh kali is so funny though, she is so sweet she thinks since i paid for a plane ticket i should not pay for anything else. She has offered to let me use the car whenever and refuses to let me go buy groceries. I was just going to take the bus and get some but she said if i did she would be very mad! Ha she is so sweet i cannot thank her enough for everything! Im sad that sheldon is in utah while im here, kali said that she told his roommates i was coming and they said they want to take me surfing! That would be a blast! But im excited to see sterling again. Ha gotta love him! Sterl is kali's husband and i just love his voice. I will try and take a video to post on here. Its just the best! alrighty roo im going to some studyin but im stoked for an all day trip to the beach tomorrow!! YEA! night night. miss and love you all! call me, im already getting lonely!

Best swing ever!

remains of the beautiful sunset!

I don't ever want to leave this place!!!


Brandon said...

Ah man, I wish I was there soooo bad Court. Sounds Like Kali and Sterling treat you very good. Thats awesome, tell them mahalo all da times.

You will be home before you know it so make the best of it, and keep updating the blog alot.

Love you.


Tanner Winnie said...

Ask Kali if there are any jobs available for me! I'm ready to move there. I'm sick of my job and am probably putting my 2 weeks in today. I wish I was there!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy the beach!

Sarah Jane said...

your phone works!? nice! for some reason i just assumed it wouldn't. well that is fantastic. i'll call you for sure!!! love you wish i was there!

Emily Call said...

Yay... I am so jealous that you are in Hawaii. Have so much fun.

courtney brooke said...

I miss you already!!!!
I knew i should have had you zip me up in your suitcase!!! Have a blast Love ya, mom :)

Karli said...

:( i want to be there so bad!! i love that little swing, and that beach, and the carvalios-i cant remember how to spell it. and everything else about hawaii.

Trista Courtney said...

girl, i love your photos, they are looking sooo good!!!! seriously nice work winnie!!