Saturday, July 5, 2008

happy birthday america!

This morning i woke up to it raining. sad. Since it was 6 i said im going back to sleep until it clears up. So i woke up again around 7:30 and it cleared up a little bit. Syb and kels slept at the dorms and said there were going to head to the beach, kali said i could take her car after she got back from taking deja to waimea bay. I picked up the girls from hukilau beach and we headed into Haleiwa for some lunch. We went in a bunch of stores and then got syb a matusmoto shave ice! She loved it!! We really wanted to go to pipeline beach to get some sun, but when we got there the waves were HUGE!! They were crashing so hard it just looked deadly. We watched them in silence for about 10 minutes and decided to go snorkeling instead. We headed over to sharks cove, rented some snorkeling gear and were ready to snorkel. It was lots of fun, but you think you would see more fish cuz you are in hawaii. There was some but i was hoping to see a turtle or something! After getting slammed into the rocks a couple times we decided to head out. ha ha. We took back our gear and ran into kelseys friends. They had Acai bowls that looked way good and said we had to get one. These thing were huge! 10 times bigger than spoon me's! Syb and kelsey got one so i just had a couple bites of theirs. We were thinking about going to the beach on our way back home but everything was soooo crowded and it was already 4 o clock! I dropped the girls off at the dorm and went back to get ready and pack up all of my stuff. I was sad to leave kalis. It was just so nice there. It felt like home. Ha. But anywho i went to the dorms to drop off my stuff and pick up the girls so we could head to turtle bay. I was banging on their door, i woke them up. They had been sleeping! I was all ready to go and they still needed to shower! So i went and unpacked some things. Tried to get on the internet but there is none. zero. zip. nadda. nothing! Sad day. I was wondering how will i write my blog now??? So here i am at Mcdonalds using their internet just so i can write this! I hope it gets read. ha ha. Well they were finally ready and we headed to turtle bay. We got there and were browsing around all of the little booths wishing we were hungry because the food looked so dang good!! We got to the last booth and all of the sudden it started pouring!! We hurry and ran under one of the tents and were surrounded by these little japanese tourist boys. they were so funny!! It finally died down and we were nervous they weren't going to do fireworks. I mean whats the fourth of july without fireworks?? But they did do them! They were good! And the finally was amazing. I just love fireworks. It was funny cuz some guy in the middle of the fireworks yelled happy birthday america! Ha everyone laughed. After that we went to foodland to get some aloe and some waters and rented ps i love you! We met these boys on the byu waterpolo team and they invited us to their party tomorrow night. Ha ha that will be interesting to go to. They were cute though. We just went back to the dorms and watched the movie and went to bed. It was a weird 4th of july. It was fun, but its weird not being with any family. It sounds like you guys had such an fun fourth of july! Missssssssss you! Looooooooooove you! peace.

*Dear hurley, you were such a happy dog. You will be missed so much! I am sad i didn't get to say goodbye to you! Davies fam i am sorry for your loss. I love you guys lots!!!
*Austin. you are so funny. I miss your little comments so much.
*The bathrooms at the dorms smell like B.O. gross.
*The toilet paper at the dorms is in sheets like napkins.... odd.
*Stoked for efy to start. Heard they are incredibly low on boys counselors.
*Walked around the whole campus at 730 in the morning. i have never seen a campus so deserted before.
*I really want to go inside the volcom house.
*Kelsey bought a year membership for the video store here. love it.
*i like my family and i love my friends - words by ellie howells on fast sunday.
*can't find my battery charger for my camera so im using my camera sparingly. sorry.

***Pictures from sybs camera:

syb and kels being silly
ummmm ya.
picture with the japanese tourists.
guy with bird. yes a real bird.
i wish you could see her dreds. they were almost to her ankles! nasty.

i'll upload pictures from the 4th later. sorry about the delay. much love.


Karli said...

Wasn't the fourth last year just the best!? minus the invasion of ants and the fact that they ate my legs. I wish I was there with ya! keep havin fun!! and good luck with EFY!

Tanner Winnie said...

Oh yeah, the ants! Ha ha. My leg hurt for hours. Of course people are reading this! It's the best part of my day!!!! It sucks you don't have internet. That's BYU for ya. I'm glad McDonalds could be of service. I'm lovin' it!