Saturday, July 19, 2008


My cute cousin karli is growing up. Today she turned the big 1-8! crazy!
We have been best buds since birth and will be forever! She is probably thee funniest person i know. I want to me more like karli! I could ramble on but i just wanted to give her a shout out! Hope you had the bestest birthday ever! LOVE YOU!!!

karli makes me laugh. real hard.
karli loves weird people, so do i. that is neat.


LiNdS said...

Court that is the funniest picture I have every seen! That guy looks like he's dead!

I hope you had a great time in Hawaii!!!

Karli said...

Courtney!! Thank you!! I was so excited when I saw this post.. made my day! I love those pictures... so classic. Thanks again for the violets :D yum! love ya!

Lisa said...

This made me laugh! You two are quite the pair. I miss the old days of constant sleep overs and polly pockets!

Brooke Angel Powell said...

I love your blog! Its fabulous! I was scanning blogs and somehow came upon yours. Your photos are awesome!! I hope to one day produce wonderful photos too!