Tuesday, July 8, 2008

crazy busy

So yesterday, Monday, was such a crazy day! I woke up around 6:30 and go ready and went to breakfast. We had a big meeting after and got us pumped for the week. We split up into groups and either had to go help set up for registration or learn the efy line dances to preform in front of the youth at orientation. I chose to dance. Duh! We learned the dances and somehow i ended up dead front and center in the formation... so after practicing a bunch we had lunch. ha ha. Then it was registration. It was intense. As soon as everyone got all checked in i got to meet my group. I have 11 girls. Kahili, Britney, Mel, Kenna, Haley, Katelyn, Keapo, Bronte, Lindsey, Melanie, and Liz. 3 are staying at home and the other 8 girls are staying in the dorms with me. I have the best group. They are just so sweet and nice to all of the girls in our group. A bunch are from utah, a couple from kauai and oahu, and one from cali. I got paired with angela, steve, and KC. Our company name is called no temptations! Ha its pretty sweet. We all met together and played some get to know you games. After that was orientation, yep i had to get up on stage and dance for them all. Ha it was intense but so much fun! My girls told me they were impressed by my moves. Ha it was funny. After orientation we went to dinner at the pavilion on campus. Dinner was not the best, but hey they had brown rice! Ha ha. After dinner was an awesome FHE lesson taught by bro and sis shumway. We played some FHE games and had some treats. Then it was time for the counselor devotional. I was nervous. I had left my scriptures where we played games so i was a little off on my lesson, but it still went good. We had to meet over at the pavilion for a closing prayer with everyone and send off the girls who are staying at home. We started walking back to the dorms and out of no where it started pouring!! We had all been so hot the entire day that it felt nice. I had to help some of my girls that couldn't get into their room and had to find them a new room so by the time i was showered and everything it was so late and i didn't feel like finding a computer to write my blog so im sorry for the delay. Today was one crazy day but i had a blast! Im looking forward to getting to know my girls a lot better and helping them grow spiritually! I hope im setting a good example for them and i hope they will look up to me lots! Well free time is about up so sorry i didn't give too many details. Just a sum of my day so you know what im up to. Love you all thanks for reading!

*sar this is your shout out... CALL ME!
*the water here tastes like hose water. me no likey.
*the alarms in hale 3 really do go off if you go out the doors.
*so sweaty.
*wish there was air conditioner in the dorms
*my girls are trying to set me up with the boy counselors. its so funny!
*miss everyone.
*ROBYN HAPPY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY!!!!!!!! wish i was there sugar, sorry you were sick! :(
*hooray for having free time!!


Tanner Winnie said...

Sounds like you're having fun!

1. Hose water is great!2. Halo 3? It has ants? Ha ha.
3. Do you have major swands??
4. I miss Hawaii.
5. Have you asked Kali where I can work?

robyn said...

Thanks Court!! I so wish you were here. It was weird going out to dinner with the fam and not having you there. Good news though, Aubri is here visiting! She will be here when you get back too so we should go play with her at lifetime! I'm glad your having fun with your girls! I can't wait to see pics!

Anonymous said...

I have been driving your jeep and it makes me miss you even more! sounds like you are having fun and i know the girls already love you, how can they not? Way to go on the impressive dance moves. ha ha Love you more than sunsets in Hawaii. MOM :) P. S. dito on Robyns comment. Its so weird not having you around, me no like one of my kitties away from all my katzs! XOXOX

robyn said...

Court I got your sweet card today!! I LOVE IT! thanks for thinking of me. I really did have a whale of a time on my birthday! Literally! Come home! I Miss you but, I do love driving the jeep, maybe we should switch cars... HA!

little miss erika said...

there is one water fountain in hale 2 that has the best water on campus. sometimes i'll sneak in there just to drink it. =)

Anonymous said...

wheres your efy photos?