Wednesday, July 2, 2008

rain rain go away.

So i woke up this morning excited to head to the beach. Well i opened up the curtains and the sky was full of dark clouds!! No fair. Its not supposed to rain when you come to hawaii. Ha ha. Well i decided to be productive and get things done that i need to do indoors. I really needed to get some tan capris that i have to have for EFY. I took the bus. Oh the bus. Last year it was oh so entertaining and i couldn't wait to see what was in store this year. It all started at the bus stop. This guy was sitting in the middle of the bench so i decided to stand. I thought he was talking on the phone, but no he was talking to himself. Not that thats wrong or anything but he was mumbling weird quotes to himself... Then he started singing that song "only fools rush in..." after that verse he didn't know any other words so he mumbled some and then started making up his own words. I think i heard the word pee. hmmm. Oh and then he starts doing the air guitar but as if its a ukelele! Ha ha it was so entertaining!!! Finally the bus came. This guy, no lie, changed seats on the bus probably 10 times on the 20 minute bus ride to windward mall. Then he sat directly across from me and just stared at me for the longest time... awkward! I set off into the mall and went in everystore possible looking for capris. Only one store left, sears. Ha ha oh and this sears is sooo ghetto. Welp perfect place for capris because there were lots! I found a pair that was the best looking of the bunch and bought them. They were 1/2 off and came with a freakin sweet belt WHAT A DEAL!!! I bought some flip flops at macys and then walked across the street and got some pesto pasta at Abargio's pasta. It was yum. I have plenty of leftovers for tomorrow.
After i grabbed a few things at safeway and ran to the bus stop because it started raining! I got on the bus and was enjoying the scenery when we came to a stop sign, the bus turned left when i needed to go right... crap. I took the wrong bus. Ha ha i talked to the bus driver he left me off and i had to take another bus to a stop where i could catch the right bus to take me home. I hadn't taken the bus here in a year ok. I thought they all went over to the north shore. Easy mistake. Ha well that wasted a lot of time. I got home and started planning my devotional i will give on monday night. I finished that and saw it kind of cleared up outside so i walked down the road aways to take some pictures. Mom i know you are probably wanting to see pictures of me and such so i took some just for you. ha ha. After that kali said if i took her to her ward camp i could use the car for the night. I dropped her off and decided to go get my camera back at the house. I stopped at this little store along the way. The guy who owns it is such a sweetie. He gave me a cute little beaded necklace (i remember he gave some to us last year) and played some songs for me on the guitar. I bought one of those bracelets that have the colored beads that stand for something. Mine are clear beads which mean peace! Oh and i bought some violet mints mmmmmmm. :)
I grabbed my camera and headed to sunset beach to watch the sunset. I love sunsets. Especially in hawaii. So so so pretty. Well im just snapping pictures of the sunset and cute kids playing in the waves and then i met this sweet lady named Birgit from Washington DC. She was telling me how her camera died and she was so sad she didn't have pictures of this amazing beach! I said hey if you want i could email you some, and im sure i have your kids in some of my pictures. She was thrilled!! I snapped a few more before she got them out of the water and then i asked if she wanted a picture of the three of them. She sure did. In between photos a huge wave came and almost took them down. Ha it was pretty funny. She was just the nicest lady ever. I headed back but stopped at foodland for some maui babe, because i will get sun tomorrow. Ha please don't rain! Now i am home and i was going to go running but its raining again! I like to run in the rain but when its raining and its really dark outside, i don't know. I think i'll get up early and go. I miss our little route we ran last year! Welp im going to do some reading of the scripts and head to bed. nighty night!


*Kelsey gets here tomorrow! YEA!!
*syb, nice chatting with you darlin, can't wait for you to get here in two days!
*ali i want to see pictures of these cute little foster kids your family took in. Thats way sweet of them do to!
*fam- wish you were here!
*i want to eat at hukilau cafe for breakfast yummmmm
*hey mark, you should call me. ok thanks.
*kali treats me too well here. i owe her big time!
*kccn fm equals best radio station ever!
*cass i wish you would have come. :(
*trist i think you should go hang out with ross. ha ha and then call me.
*i wish i would have brought another lens. and the flash.
*syb and kels be prepared to be my little models when you get here :)
*im sending postcards soon. i need your address if you would like a postcard. ha ha
*i wish i had another camera here, i smaller one so i could take it with me when i run and such!

crazy guy on the bus! snapped this with my phone.
playing on the beach... by myself.

my studying gear!

oh hey its me.
i loved watching the waves splash over this random rock.

Birgit and her two cute kids!

my sweet sears capris. if only you could see how ghetto the belt really is.


Tanner Winnie said...

The best part of my day is getting to work in the morning and reading your blog! It makes me miss our trip so bad!!! Foodland, Sunset Beach, The Bus, crazy people ON The Bus, Windward Mall, Abargio's, violet mints, Maui Babe... *sigh*

Karli said...

You be careful on that bus... don't talk to strangers! You need to record the "Ding.. Kamehameha AND.." ha ha I don't know why I love that so much. You sure got some sweet pictures, keep em coming. Okay I had cereal for breakfast and I am wayyy jealous that you get to go to the Hukilau Cafe and have the best breakfast ever.

Anonymous said...

I like your pictures but you need twice as many of you! Nice capris. It looks like you need to clean your room already. dont be a big slob for Kali :) Love ya, MOM :)

Alyssa Christine Evenson aka Ali. said...

i miss you. thats all i have to say..

except this too
*what a weird guy, i'll come down there to be your body gaurd if you need
* cute white trash capris, they are really cute
* wonderful photography
* you know i am part indian, i did the no rain dance for you today.

Trista Courtney said...

man, so much to comment on...haha just call me when you can so much to hear about and so much to tell! i love you girl! you are going to do amazing at efy!!