Tuesday, July 22, 2008

vintage carnival wedding

My friend maddie's older sister got married on saturday and the theme of her reception was vintage carnival. It was amazing! They had a ferris wheel, a photo booth to take your picture for their guest book, so many cupcakes, popcorn, cotton candy, lollipops & tons of candy, a sweet band, a dance floor, old cars, and lots more. I have never seen a reception like this before. I just had to go to take pictures! It was even more pretty in person!

This is where you would leave the presents for the bride and groom. how cute!
had to take some pictures of amy!
me and my lil sis Amy
how cute are their ballons???
ferris wheel!

these were lime-ade cupcakes! i wish i would have tried one!


Holly said...

Wow Cool! Looks expensive!
Cute photos!

Karli said...

I wish I would have gone. I was so mad when I found out it was on my birthday. Oh well I had fun anyway:) But I wish I could have had you take some sweet pics of me too!

Amber Duron said...

Wow! Amazing photos! You are very talented and creative. My favorite is the one with just the half shot of the girl by the car.

Amber Duron said...

btw, I love your header, could you tell me what the name is of the font you use?


Adrienne said...

you're good at stuff.

Stacey said...

wow.. thats insane. i wish we shot receptions like that all the time.