Monday, July 7, 2008

its backkkkk

So sweet news! I found computers i can use on campus! Yessss!
I hope you guys are excited as i am! Well I need to catch you up....So we woke up and took the movies we rented back to food land and ohana video. I had to stop at the post office to mail some postcards :) Oh and we rented another movie, vantage point. None of us had seen it. We went back to the dorms and watched it on kelseys laptop. Her and syb fell asleep but i watched the whole thing. It was pretty good! We had to pack up our things and be out by 12:30. So we met over in the lounge to meet other counselors and get our new rooms. We actually just sat around waiting because they were behind on a lot of things. Training started at 2 and it got us all pumped for efy. The couple in charge of efy over here, the nortons, are amazing! Natalie is just the cutest most energetic person i have ever met. Her and her hubby have 3 little boys raleigh, cardon, and lincoln. Cutest little boys you have ever met!! We had so much fun playing with them all day. We played some dorky but yet fun get to know you games and then headed over to the caf for dinner. The dinner was surprisingly good! They have brown rice which i was so stoked about. And a salad bar! Double bonus! After a fantabulous meal we went back for more training! Fun stuff. Then after we finally got our room assignments and had to move in and unpack all of our things. They told me after training that one of the girls in my group had checked in early and that she was eating in the caf and then would head back to her room so i just needed to make sure she got there safely. Well i went to check on her and her lights were off and she didn't answer the door. It was only 9ish so i thought maybe she was still out somewhere. I ran over to the caf and began to search all over campus, but no luck. I called sherrie, the session coordinator and told her the situation. They called some people she had been with but no one was answering their phones. Then they gave me her cell phone number to call, it went straight to voicemail, i noticed she had a utah area code. I was panicking! They told me she was 14 and came alone so i was nervous she was just lost all by herself somewhere!! I went over to talk to sherrie and natalie and they gave me a key to her room to check and see if she was in there sleeping or something, which i didn't think was possible because i was banging on her door for minutes. Syb can back me up. Ha ha well i opened her door and there she was dead asleep. Oh i felt so relieved. A bunch of the efy counselors that live here were throwing a party just down the street so we went to check that out. Ha ha it was pretty fun. They had watermelon and i was stoked. After a few slices and getting my groove on we decided to peace out. It was a sweet hawaiian party though. We went back and went straight to bed. Thats pretty much it. Glad i have the internet back! Hopefully efy doesn't ware me out too much everyday so i can come write my blog each night. Sorry no pictures for this week :( i'll post a bunch when i get home though. night night. loves!!


Sarah Jane said...

ya hoooo!

bethany said...

courtney, i'm so happy that you are sharing so many wonderful things about hawaii! it's going to help tons when casey & i go there in august! you're so great!! oh and natalie norton has the cutest blog, i've been following it for months! i even mentioned it just recently on my personal blog. how fun that you get to work with her! have a good EFY week!