Monday, July 7, 2008

the ants came marching ten by ten

My alarm did not go off this morning. But i woke up to a bunch of asians yelling something. ha ha. I woke up in just with enough time to get ready. I met the girl in my group and she went to church with us. Her name is lindsey and she is from alpine. She is a little cutie. Way shy though. Church was really good and there were such good testimonies! I love how everyone gets up and says aloooooooooha. And then everyone repeats and says aloha back. The samoans, tongans, phillppians, and other countries would say other things though, like talofa and malo e lelei. It was sweet though. Everyone is just so smiley and so nice. After church i really needed to take kali's car back to her. I drove up to the point on my way and just watched the waves crash for a bit. Kali dropped me back off at the dorms and i still had another 3 hours before we were meeting for dinner. I did some studying and planning but somehow fell asleep for an hour. I woke up and there were ants everywhere. Where did they come from??? They were all over the curtains, which are above my bead so they were all over my bed, all over my walls! Just these tiny little things running all over!! I felt something on my lip and found out i just smashed one on my lip. yum! I went to the bathroom and noticed they were all over me too! Gosh they are annoying! I started spraying hairspray on them. ha that worked. Finally it was time to break my fast and eat dinner! It was delish. We then headed over to the lounge to meet new counselors and play a game. After we had a fireside taught by bro and sis shumway, our session directors. They are so sweet and fun! It was a good fireside about marriage. After we got to meet which counselors we would be working with. We have things which are called companies. Its usually two girl groups and one boy group in a company. My group is special and we get two boy counselors. My group is pretty sweet and its going to be fun! Our company is called "no temptations" we like it! We set some goals and planned who was teaching scripture study which day. I have thursday. ha ha. We got the efy cd and dvd and got our counselor t-shirts. Anyone who have been to efy knows that the counselors wear these huge bright colored polos. Not very attractive. Not exicted. But these ones are diff. They are hawaiian print. Ha i thought it was a cool idea, just not a cool print. But it will be sweet! After tonight i just got so dang excited!! Ahhh its going to be such a crazy week but i cannot wait to meet all of my girls tomorrow. Im over the 14 to 15 year olds so i am so excited about that. I just hope that i can be a good example to them and hope i can help them gain a stronger testimony. I will update you lots so don't you worry. Well its a big day tomorrow and i still have lots to do! Wish me luck and i'll let you know how it goes!! :) night night love you all and mahalo for reading!

*one week left here. so sad
*kali is a queen.
*so excited to be very energetic and peppy tomorrow.
*friends i miss you
*fam i miss you even more
*robyn, i bet your little tummy will be so much bigger when i get home! So excited!!
*i hope everyone gets their postcards
*lots of people from utah that is going to efy. sweeeet!
*can't wait to dance for the youth tomorrow! ha oh the dances we have to do....
*robyn turns 23 tomorrow. eat at cafe rio for me please. make them sing to you please.
*i miss cafe rio.
*these are lame thoughts im sorry.
*lots of cute boys here :) he he


Sarah Jane said...

i want a shout out in the next post! i love you and am so glad you are having fun! i wish i was there! love your daily updates they are a great read. you are great. ok bye.

Tanner Winnie said...

No pictures?? I'll go crazy!

jessandbryce said...

me too! haha i am so jealous court! i know you will be the best councilor EVER!!!! love you