Thursday, July 3, 2008

So this morning i woke up, got ready for my day at the beach and was all ready to go catch the bus when kali said hey im going to a couple schools today do you want to go to the beaches near by? I said surrrrre!! She dropped me off at the hukilau beach and so i decided to walk down the street to the hukilau cafe for some scrum-didly-umptious french toast! I got it to go and ate it on the beach! When i was done eating kali called and was ready to go to the next school. She was going to sunset beach elementary school which is right across from PIPELINE! My favorite beach ever!! YEA! I was stoked. I layed out and took tons of pictures! It was such a gorgeous day, so hot! I decided to cool off by getting in the ocean and rode some waves (oooooh very sucky-- ha ha karli!!) I swam along the shore for a good workout and then i took more pics and decided to go shower off. Oh i love showering off. The showers are so cold and refreshing! Right after i was done showering kali pulled up, perfect timing! It was nice not having to take the bus! Thanks kali! My friend kelsey got in and so i ate a late lunch, got cleaned up. and went and picked her up from the dorms. We headed over to haleiwa and went in a couple shops where i bought the cutest bracelet! (picture soon to come) It has glass that almost looks like beach glass on this bracelet, the lady ringing me up told me the lady who made the jewelry went down and collected glass from hurricane katrina to use for these bracelets! How cool. After some shops we went and got a shave ice from matsumoto. yummmmm. i got lime and pina coloda with ice cream in the bottom. It hit the spot, and filled us up too. Kels has some friends from high school here so we decided to meet up with them. They were fun girls, we just chilled on their front porch and talked about maybe going on missions.... kali called me to see if i could pick up her foster girl from work at 9 so we headed over to get her. I decided i didn't want kels so be sleeping all alone at the dorms so we grabbed some of her things and she is spending the night with us at kalis! Sorry i sped through the day but im so so so tired and ready for bed! Goooood night!!

*I might go kayak to chinamans hat tomorrow. stoked.
*happy birthday to my little married friend McCall, and my little work friend Stacey!!
*syb gets here tomorrow :)
*no more going and doing things all by my self, hooray for friends!
*mark, thanks for the call dear. it made my day!
*i suck at writing things in the sand.
*love listening to the rain at night, i will sleep good tonight.
*caution sand is very hot, it may burn your feet
*hey ali i still need your address!
*its late i cant think.

hukilau cafe!
i thought this said kars! ha thought you would appreciate it kars!
eating my breakfast yum-o

pipeline waves are the best!
sandy toes

these guys were so funny, they would just sit there and let the waves crash into them!
not sure if he is jumping or what...
this is kelsey!


Alyssa Christine Evenson aka Ali. said...

I'm jealous, i want to go back to greece.. or maybe i'l just go to ha-v-aii ha ha i think that's a better idea. Ok address i thought i text it to you but here ya go dear, 1739 E Horizon Point Circle Draper Ut 84020 I love when you mention my name in your thoughts ha ha, it makes my day to know i was in your thoughts ;)

Natalie & Logan said...

Looks like a really fun trip! I am loving the daily journal updates! You are making me want to visit Hawaii!!!

Stacey said...

isn't the hukilau cafe the one on 50 first dates? thanks for the bday wishes! cool pics too of course!

Tanner Winnie said...

I miss the Hukilau Cafe! French toast or macadamia nut pancakes sound soooo good right now! I can't wait to eat there again!

Sarah Jane said...

guess what? those boys that just let the waves eat them? my dad and brother. hahah they did that every time we were at the beach in hi!

Karli said...

1. hukilau cafe=best breakfast ever.
2. in my eyes it does say kars. that made my day.. thank you.
3. those waves look extra big and very sucky.
4. i miss kali
5. sweet pictures!
5. matsumotos=best shave ice ever.
6. you are making me verrrry jealous :)
7. yes... there are two fives on this list.

Lisa said...

looks like you are having fun! I like the picture of the big wave below your sandy feet picture... it's awesome!
Try not to miss us too bad:)

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of you eating your french toast! it makes me want to give you a hug really bad!! Im happy you are having fun. Love you MOM :)

g. lock said...

these pictures are rad! nice skills.