Friday, July 4, 2008

padle padle padle

Me and kels woke up this morning took the bus, and met her friends at hukilau cafe for breakfast. I know what you are thinking, i just ate there yesterday i know, but they are closed friday through monday and so i wouldn't have the chance to eat there again so i had to take advantage! It was packed in there but it was worth the wait. Sterling called me and asked if i wanted to go with him to kalis work and i could take the car from there. I did and we were planning on going over to chinamans hat but sterl offered to take us SURFING! I mean you can't pass up that opportunity right? We went to castles beach (not the place we went last year with the baby waves) they were pretty decent sized waves. It was a blast! We all had so much fun. Syb called and made it to the dorms! Yea! We picked her up, got a snack, and headed over to chinamans hat to meet up with kelesys friends again. Their roommate told had just swam over to the island and told us thats what we should do. When we got their it looked so far away and not so safe. It started to rain so we bagged the idea and decided to go to waimea bay and jump of the rock instead! We jumped off and then played in the waves for a long time. The waves were so big and so much fun. I have so much sand in my hair and swimsuit, and every crevasse for that matter, but it was worth it. We stopped by sharks cove grill for some dinner and then watched the gorgeous sunset and sunset beach. While watching the sunset kelsey noticed these japanese ladies were taking pictures of us... soon they came up and said something about a taking a picture so i was like oh ya i'll take your picture. No they wanted a picture with us! Ha ha they were awesome! Big smiles and peace signs. Gotta love little asian tourists. Then this guy starts talking to us about utah and if we are going to "party" on the fourth. We were... uh no. Ha ha. He claims he is born and raised in hawaii but didn't look like it. He was just odd in every way. Anywho after that we went and rented blue crush and got some groceries. We decided we all needed to shower and then would all meet up to watch the movie. Well im so tired and didn't feel like driving over to laie again today so im going to bed. Its been a long eventful day. Stoked for the 4th tomorrow though. Kinda wish i was in utah for it though. Have fun my utah buds!! Miss and love you lots!!!

*amy im sorry you didn't like oakcrest. i miss you babes!
*i miss my little austy bear too! Can't wait for a big austy bear hug when i get home!
*i get burnt only where i put sunscreen...
*almost drowned surfing today. scary.
*ali you are in my thoughts.'
*so are you trista!!
*fact. byu hawaii dorms are nicer than provo byu dorms.
*hey hiccups go away!
*i love waking up to lots of comments. its fun. thanks for reading my blog everyone!
*Its a small world...
*hey mark you should call me. again. ok thanks.
*fireworks tomorrow. yea!!!
*having a car instead of taking the bus is wonderous!
*my arms are going to be so sore tomorrow.
*i wish i could stay at kalis and never check into the dorms
*the ocean has messed up my hair. where is my part???

me angela kayla kelsey alisha
some random surfer girl
freakin stud. sterling.
the gals surfing
this is chinamans hat. it looks like a china man's hat.waimea bay
like father like son. go speedos!
pretty rainbow!
oh how i love sunsets
asian taking a picture of her friend taking a picture of me...
firework palm trees.


Emily Call said...

It looks like you are having so much fun! Oh, I really wish I was in Hawaii right now!

Lisa said...

Fun Fun Fun!!! I need a trip to Hawaii soon! It looks like you are having a blast with your friends:)
Check out Karli's latest's about you:) ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

We missed you on the 4th! We hiked to Bell Canyon Falls. It was a killer, but the falls were bigger than ever, so beautiful! later we had a BBQ in the backyard, we grilled kona coast bbq chicken in your honor, had a juicy watermelon, and corn on the cob, & a bag of maui onion chips. Toped it off with my homemade sugar cookies shaped like stars of course. Austin put on a entertaining firework show!! with live chill music. (the neighbor 2 doors down had a band playing.) we met them after, they were from arizona. Their band name is standby red 5. they gave us some cds and lit some illegal fireworks then left. it was a great day! only thing missing was you! :( Love You Tons!! MOM :)

Trista Courtney said...

haha corn dog...i love you!! and i love your blog and i seriously miss you soo much and i NEED you back in my life, fo reals!

Brody said...

You always talk to us about how much you love guys in speedos! Im sure you are just in heaven there!

:) Brody

Sorella Maero said...

These pictures are awesome! I especially like the picture triangle with the two asians... it's so true!

little miss erika said...

can i just say i am bummed that i did not realize you all were here or how awesome ya'll are until AFTER efy?

we could have been playing all summer.

but i loves you still the same!!!