Monday, December 1, 2008

turkey day

Thanksgiving was a blast year.
My cousin justin surprised us all with a visit from DC!
We had such a yummy dinner i was stuffed.
We played a couple rounds of scategories.
And played catch phrase!
I have the best cousins they are all a blast!
My dang flash was being a bummer and wouldn't cooperate so i don't have too many pictures.
Sorry folks. I did get some cute ones though :)

The cute tables
dave: the skilled turkey carver
tanner: the pro masher
cute cookies
my mom accidently burnt the rolls and then dropped them.
its ok mom we still love you!what cuties!
navi's first thanksgiving!
right after i took this picture my flash died on me. so this was all i got!


Julie Ann said...

Everything looks fabulous! So glad you had a great thanksgiving. Don't give up on dating. I know it's a pain and a bummer when all your friends have boyfriends. Hang in there! It will all be worth it when you find prince charming!! Love you, Julie

Linda :) said...

Nice Courtney, I burn ONE dozen rolls & you have to document it! & You failed to mention we still had 4 dozen beautifully browned to perfection rolls! :) P.S. Nice pictures!

Brittany said...

My family is Nuts, but I would love for you to join it. I will start the wedding plans. (Trust me I am good at it) I will take care of it all. Lets plan on you guys meeting first.

little miss erika said...

wow!! you guys go all out for thanksgiving! how fun!!

my roommates and i did a huge dinner her in hawaii...i'm still recovering..

robyn said...

ha ha I just read britts comment. I love that she wants you guys to get married! She is so awesome!

Lisa said...

Cute pictures of a fun day!
I love Thanksgiving)
Can I steal your pictures of the table settings for my blog post?

Ty Carter said...

I love your pics!