Sunday, December 21, 2008


{yes i made these snowflakes out of sticks and such from my backyard}
This is my 1ooth post!
i'm so happy i entered the blogging world,
and i just want to thank everyone for all the sweet comments you always leave!!


Linda :) said...

Congratulations Courtney! I love your blog!!! It is so fun to look at, it always makes me happy :) You are so creative!! I don't know where that came from but i like it. Ha ha I LOVE YOU MOM :)

Amber Duron said...

Congrats! I just recently achieved my 100th post...on the family blog! haha:) You take amazing pictures Courtney!

Emily Call said...

Happy 100!!!

Cute snowflakes.
I too am glad you have a blog. It is always fun to read.

Chris said...

Hey check out my sisters photography!