Wednesday, December 31, 2008

we hate pneumonia

My cute cousin karli has been sick for 3 weeks with pneumonia and has been in the hospital for 5 days! Everyone is going crazy without her being home because she is the life of the party! You can tell just by going to visit her at the hospital! She has handfuls of little gifts around her room, and always has friends, neighbors, or family members visiting her! She is so sweet and never complains about anything! She is so tough! 
Kars i love you so much and get better fast ok???
i thought i should share these old photos that karli found of us:

me and kars - my bestest friend growing up
she still played with me even though i wore a bunny necklace.
we took naps together even though i am a crazy sleeper
and we even locked ourselves together!
speaking of locks...
karli once "accidently" locked me out on her roof and then "couldn't" get the window 
open to let me back in.
But that's another story...
jk kars i still love you!


Tanner Winnie said...

Ha ha. I loved little Karli and "K"arli's "F"riend "C"ourtney. (Karli said KFC Stood for Karli's friend Courtney.) You guys were the dynamic duo.

Marcie said...

This is great!! Karli must be the best if she'd stick by you during the bunny necklace stage. :) You are so adorable. I hope Karli gets better soon!!

Lisa said...

Ha ha ha...You two had so much fun playing together all the time.
Karli was obsessed with her cousin Courtney!!
I love the picture of you guys locked cute!
Thanks for the nice post Courtney it brightened Karli's dreary day:)

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for the post!!! We always had tons of fun! I love these pictures

Justin said...

We REALLY hate pneumonia.. Like, a lot. A LOT.

Great post though, lots of good memories of you two running around causing a ruckus!

Lisa said...

As you probably guessed that second comment from Lisa was really from Karli:)

Linda :) said...

hey don't make fun of the bunny necklace! i made that bad boy! Ha ha i miss these little cuties. Im sure this made Karli feel a little better :) Nice post Courtney keep em comming

Karli said...

Court I was way out of it when I first read this post, and I just read it again! I love it.. I miss our childhood!! Haha I remember that so well (when I locked out out on accident) Thanks for the post! Love ya!