Saturday, January 2, 2010

here's to 2009

happy new year

was an amazing year.

i started my own business
changed my hair color
made new friends
was a bridesmaid three times
went to hawaii
was an efy counselor
bought a cute bike
turned 21
almost moved to california {ha!}
but did go to california four times
bought a new car
went to the singles ward for an entire year {yikes}
cut bangs

wow. ok i thought i did a lot more than that...

alright, i'm going to do lots this year. just you wait.

so i just read over the goals i made for 2009...
hmm. i only completed a few of those. how sad.

i did not go to italy.
i did not save save save.
i did not keep my room clean.

ok so here are my goals for


be happy. every day. no matter what.
travel to new places. my first choice in the us: seattle.
go one at least one date a month.
{yes i know, i hate dating. but i want to change that. and i am even changing my mind about blind dates... weird. but if you know any cute single guys... send em my way :) }
do more charity work
start a once a month craft night. {details coming soon!}
make new friends, be a better friend, and stay in touch with old friends.
take more pictures
{no not more photo shoots. pictures of little everyday life things that make life beautiful}
get back in school! {cross your fingers i can get my student loan fast enough}
run a half marathon
oh and last but not least, be better at blogging! and commenting on others blogs.


and that is all that i can think of for now.
i love starting with a fresh new start every year,
and i really cannot wait to make this year fantabulous!


Carrie said...

good luck on your goals!! I can't wait to see what you make at your craft nights.

sarah jane said...

that is a lot of stuff you did last year court! go girl.... i like this. love you. missss you.

The Brady Bunch said...

I like your goals cause they are reachable!! GOOD LUCK! I'm excited to see how the year goes for you. I might know a guy too...