Friday, January 15, 2010

attention all crafters

courtney's {monthly} craft night is now is session.
i had a fun wintery craft planned, but some of the things were too hard to find for it,
so i've decided to make a valentines day craft!
i have some way cute ideas, so you will not want to miss.
please email me to sign up so i can get a head count and get supplies.
in a few days i will post what we will be crafting and how much it will be for supplies
{don't worry it won't be too much}

i want to get a vote on which day we should do it, so i've made a poll off to the right.
please vote which day works best for you.

remember when i painted on a weekend night?
well this time i want more people to craft with me!
this craft night will be for anyone over the age 18.
whether you are a friend of mine, a family member, or secretly stalk my blog,
i want you to come!
it would be the perfect time to meet!
so send me an email if you are interested!

can't wait!
ps girls only. sorry boys!


Emily Call said...

I want in!!!!

Karli said...

shoot! i'll be out of town!

jessandbryce said...

as soon as i'm back from ny i want in!!!

e and d said...

I want to come cute girl! i can't wait to see the cuteness you come up with!!!! if it's saturday, i will MOST LIKELY be able to come. Thursday nights I have class. Let me know!