Sunday, April 13, 2008


Who here remembers dunk-a-roos? They were my favorite snack as a little girl. I really can picture me and karli opening up a package eating them at their kitchen table. Except we would sometimes only eat the frosting.... shhh. Ha ha but they were the best and i really wish they would bring them back. Well my old roommate brittney one day last year came home from the grocery store and told me to try this yummy treat. She bought teddy grahms and was dipping them in a tub of frosting. Oh i think my friend cassidy does this too! Its a dunk-a-roos substitute. So i think you must give it a try! Sooooo yum!


KB said...

wow they are amazing and I do remember. Yeah I know creepy Caleb, sorry I was really bored. peace and love.

Karli said...

oh my gosh
i dont know if i am happy about this post because this brings back soo many memories or if im mad because now i am craving them and cant have them! they are the best! ha ha i remember always eating them with you! oh how i miss dunkaroos!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you can still find them at Sams Club! :]