Thursday, September 4, 2008

week of events

I have had some fun days over the past couple weeks and i want to share on some of the good times!
Monday 8/18 Jack Johnson concert. nothing shy of amazing.
Wednesday 8/20 London left for China. Not a fun day. :(
Thursday 8/21 school started. another not so fun day.
Friday 8/22 LAGOON. dads work lagoon day. got in free. it was fun.
Saturday 8/23 Ken Brockbanks 50th b-day party, justin's goodbye party, and fun times with trista and some random cones...
Sunday 8/24 dinner in the canyons with some fams from the ward.
Monday 8/25 atwood family fun party at the davies.
Thursday 8/28 took pictures of kimball and fam.
Sunday 8/31 Gavin's farewell.
Sunday 8/31 dinner at the Stevenetts! It was so delicious thanks heather. And cute house.
Monday 9/1 movie with my friend jord, jamba with john, and EFY dinner in prov.! fun fun fun.
Tuesday 9/2 Rob and Sarah's wedding.

fun-filled weekend to come...
Friday- mom and lisa's birthday. old farts. wooo party.
Saturday- lunch with the married friend abagail, austins soccer game, block party and dance party at spoon me in provo.
Sunday- im open. lets play.

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