Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the sun has set

lovely day. kind of.
i didn't feel berry good today...
and my car died twice on me.
other than that fantabulous day.
and a purdy sunset... that is all i have to say.

ok for some reason the coloring is so dull so trust me that these pictures
to do not do justice to how pretty of a night it really was!

roofin it
whoop! does anyone know what tomorrow is????
DEW TOUR! my bro brandon got a bunch of free tickets and told to bring along a date.
i had so many options...
ok so i had zero. which is why im taking my pal ali!
we will be snapping photos left and right! So so so stoked!
so yesterday went to tj maxx. oh gotta love it. found two way cute tank
tops for $2 and $3! what a deal!
saw cori hoffman at my efy friend's apartment. small world
and won a $25 gift card from natalie norton's twitter contest!
made a cute braclet today.
so far this has been a pretty good week. im not complaining.
cass dear so lovely seeing you tonight i miss you lots.
abby friend, sad lunch didn't work out please lets make it work soon!
london, court, trist! lets have a 3-way skype chat. hope those countries are treating you well! miss you gals!
bachlor/bachlorettes of utah coming soon - oh ali genuis idea. can't wait!
hello by schyler fisk is on repeat right now. take a listen
gotta wake up early to take my mom to work so i can have her car for school. hmmm i feel like we have switched positions...
gooooood night!

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Trevor & Cassidy said...

YES! Baby our chat was fantabulous! I miss you too! See you tonight! :)