Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I just have to say happy birthday to my fantabulous dad.
You are the best! Thanks for all those times when i was broken
down in my car and you dropped everything to come help me.
You are the most giving person and i look up to you lots! LOVE YOU!

Happy brithday to my dear friend Cassidy Elizabeth!
Cassidy is by far the coolest girl with red hair! ha ha.
You are such an amazing friend to me. Thanks for always being
there for me and being the sweetest girl possible! I love you lots!!!

Hope both of you had the bestest birthday ever! xoxo


Justin said...

Yay, Happy Birthday Dave! Have a wonderful day.

Karli said...

Happy birthday to both!

Emily Call said...

that last comment was really me... I didn't realize I was signed in as Justin. ha ha.

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to Dave... old man:)

Anonymous said...

Check out this Blog!

Trevor & Cassidy said...

Court I love you!! Thank you!! Happy Birthday Davie!!