Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mothers day

my mom is supermom.
she really is i promise!
~She can have a list of a thousand things to do and manage to do them all in one day. And add a little glitter to them too.
~She can bowl an average of 145 per game. But has bowled a 211. WOW.
~She can make a simple thing look so cute.
~She can do a mad impression of woody the woodpecker.
~She can make Cafe Rio's creamy dressing.
~She can shower and get ready in under 30 minutes. And look fabulous.
~She can always turn my frown upside down.
~She can still whip up a fantabulous meal when we haven't been to the grocery store in weeks.

...See i told you she was supermom!!

It was so funny because amy was surprising my mom by speaking in sacrament today. So we are waiting for it to start and i pull out the program and say wow look how many speakers there are today. (Hoping she would see amys name) She looks at it and says oh wow there are a lot. And says i wish my kids were speaking. ha ha. Sacrament starts and cindy gee sitting in front of us turns around and says- amy is speaking today?? My moms like what? She is?? ha ha it was funny. But amy did such a good job and my mom loved it.
But I love you so so so so much mom, and everything you have done for me over the years. You are such an amazing example to me and im so lucky that you are my mom. You really are supermom and i don' t know how you do it! i hope when i am a mother i can be just like you! :)
Hope you have the best mothers day ever!

Oh and today i was thinking and i really wish i would have gotten this shirt to wear all day today. Im mad i didn't think of it before. Well there is always next year.


Natalie & Logan said...

Your mom is pretty darn cute! So funny that your sis wrote her talk all on her own! I still feel like I need help!

Lisa said...

Super duper mom!
Love the shirt!
Tell Amy she rocks!

Emily Call said...

Your Mom is a super Mom... She totally does add glitter to everything! ha ha. Happy Mother's Day!